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This website presents information and ideas concerning becoming more self sufficient, especially for producing your own food by gardening. Other aspects of self sufficiency are presented: maintaining health through diet and exercize and reducing dependence on manufactured products by reducing consumption. Reducing consumption includes recognizing that many consumer products are ineffective and life is just as good or better without them. In many cases improvised solutions work better at lower cost than retail solutions that often do not provide the exact requirements of your particular set of circumstances. Many consumer products are hyped but if carefully judged, fail to perform as well as lower cost alternatives. Is vitamin-added, sugared cereal made from dehulled, degermed, toasted, and otherwise processed grain actually a better value than whole wheat grain, soaked in water and steamed for 5 or 10 minutes? Sure, Mornin' Gems can be enjoyable to eat, but I do not want to eat it on a regular basis.

So why be self sufficient, besides being able to meet your needs when no retail solution seems practical? The present system of food and comsumer product distribution seems reliable and is mostly a good deal. I expect that to be the case for the rest of my life. But something could happen to change that. There are many real possibilities. It seems prudent to develop some resilience just in case the unexpected happens.

I live in central eastern Ohio in climate zone 6. Ideas presented on this website seem appropriate to my situation. Some ideas are untested but seem promising. If you have other values and goals, your take on the value of those ideas may be less optimistic. Use your own judgement.

I have a lot of failures but also some successes. Perhaps my experiences, and ideas from other people, will help you to achieve a few more successes for some of your goals.

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