Feb 11 brussel sprouts from the garden.txt

The worst of winter may be over. Here in central eastern Ohio we have had single digit (degrees Fahrenheidt) temperatures on maybe half a dozen or so days this winter. Some of the last remaining Brussel sprouts have some dried outer leafs. So, today I picked those, enough to make a 20 ounce batch.

I prepared the sprouts according to the general method I have been using a lot lately to fix vegetables. I put half a cup or so water in a 4-quart pressure cooker, put a steaming rack in the cooker, then a metal pan with the sprouts on top of the steaming rack. Steamed them at full pressure and low heat for 20 minutes. Then put the sprout in a food processor, added 1 tablespoon canola oil for every 8 ounces sprouts, 1 tablespoon sugar for each 8-ounces, and and 1/32 teaspoon salt for each ounce. Four minutes of processing turned the mixture into a smooth, pudding consistency.

Two ounces of the puree was for supper that day and the rest went into the fridge in a widemouth jar for meals during the next several days.

The sprouts pudding has a nice brussel sprout flavor. It's mildly to moderately bittersweet and slightly salty and has plenty of nutrients. Preparing a batch that size (for one person) is a convenient time saver. Along with 4 or 5 portions from other batched prepared vegetables kept in the fridge, an appealing meal of many different foods can be had by only preparing one food before each meal. That keeps meals more interesting, enjoyable, and nourishing.

Growing frost tolerant vegetables such as brussels sprouts has given me gardent vegetables through the winter. I had all the vegetables I could eat directly from the garden up to Christmas. After that I began using vegetables from storage in the basement and frozen in the freezer. Also picked the last broccoli from the garden this week. Last week the last kale was picked. There's still parsnips in the garden. There's plenty of kraut in the basement to last through the winter and plenty of sweet potatoes. With what's in the freezer I'm well set until next year's garden starts producing (as long as the power stays on to keep the freezer's contents frozen).