beef fat and mustard greens.txt

I got out a one pound package of mustard greens from the freezer about a week ago. The greens came from the garden a year ago. The main leaf rib had been removed, and the greens boiled in water 40 minutes, the water drained away, and processed into a smooth puree before being frozen. To use, I unthawed them, put them into a processor, added 1 tablespoon canola oil and 1 tablespoon sugar for each 8 ounces puree. 1/32 teaspoon of salt was added per ounce of greens. There happened to be a couple of tablespoons of beef fat in the frige from when my sister cooked a roast a few days ago, so I added the 2 tablespoons beef fat to the 1 pound of greens in the process. I ran the processors about 3 minutes to be sure the greens were smooth and the ingredients thoroughly mix.

The result was good tasting, mild to moderate mustard green flavor; mildly sweet, salty; very slightly bitter/biting and beef flavored.

I would be reluctant to eat this often because of the high saturated fat content. I would guess it does not hurt anyone who otherwise has a low intake of saturated fat and limits there portion size of this food to about 2 ounces per meal and who also limits their calorie consumption so that their weight is close to ideal. But that's just my opinion based on what I have read.