eating citrus rind.txt

This winter I have done a little experimenting with eating citrus rind. I have tried grapefruit, tangerine, and orange. Tangerine is mild enough to be good once in a while in small quantity, less than a tablespoon's worth. Orange rind is the best of the three if the outer orange colored zest is cut off. The remaining white pulp is mild flavored and does not chew up to a smooth consistency, but just goes into smaller and smaller, softly fibrous pieces. It is not especially enjoyable to eat but seems worth eating just to occasionally add an ounce or so equivalent to fruit when a meal needs just a little more than what I have prepared.

That little bit more fruit/fiber in a meal seems to be just enough to make a difference in maintaining good regularity. And according to some media commentary, the citrus pulp could contribute nutrients with health benefits.