processor meals with mash consistency.txt

I have been diligently developing my own recipes for about 10 years now, recording the best recipes in text files. My goal is to develop recipes with my own personal priorities for taste, nutrition, cost, and convenience.

More and more, the recipes include using a food processor to make purees, pesto, and mashes. That consistency might serve to maximize absorption of nutritions, might improve comfort by decreasing abdominal discomfort when eating meals high in fruits and vegetables, seems to improve flavor in some cases, and helps keep pieces of food from getting stuck between teeth. At first I missed the crunchiness and chewiness of unprocessed food. Now the mash consistency seems normal and its benefits perhaps worth the effort and time it takes to run the food through a processor. Sometimes using the processor saves time. You do not have to peel sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and squash. Food that might otherwise seem too fibrous can be eaten, such as brussel sprouts that have been left on the plant a little too long or brassica leafs that have been toughened by drought.

It is easy to add oil, sugar, and salt to the processor or add other ingredients such as sunflower seeds to improve taste and texture.