strong odored refried beans.txt

A half can of refried beans got left in the frige for maybe two weeks. It did not stink but a had an immediately noticeable, strong odor of having begun a process of biological breakdown. I have a theory that such food is harmless and still edible. People have probably been eating fermented food for millions of years.

I an not saying that anyone can eat any spoiled and not get sick. I am not a sominela denier or botulism denier. Ecoli is real. It is just my opinion that people are much too quick to throw away food that is perfectly edible when it has cosmetic imperfections or is otherwise less than perfect or is somehow different from what they are used to. I would never eat a large quantity of suspect food that shows signs of spoilage.

The refried beans, though, still smelled apetizing. So, I ate about 2 ounces at a meal. Twenty-four hours later there were no ill effects. So, the 2 ounce servings per meal were continued until all the beans were gone a couple of days later. No discomfort or any ill effects were noticed. And the beans tasted good.

Making use of 50 cents worth of beans is perhaps not worth mentioning but serves to illustrate that a person with limited resources or a person wanting to minimize expenditures can use resources that might be considered unusable. Vegetables that have been frozen in the garden and insect damaged fruit is usable. A tomato with a rotten spot can be fixed with a simple knife cut. Seven day old meat in the frige can be reheated to boiling and have its storage ability restored enough to be used a little at a time over the next seven days. The skin on sweet potato can be left on and are not noticeable if the sweet potatoes are cooked and then processed into a mash-consistency. The same with pumpkin and squash. I suppose there is quite a lot of nutrition in the skins of many fruits and vegetables.

I try to avoid waste as much as possible, if it saves time and resources. No sense in sacrificing much efficiency because of a misguided sense of cosmetics. Often you gain some nutrition and perhaps free up some time and resource for valued pursuits.