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2 by the fire This section was intended to be for contributions from visitors of this site. It is a way for anyone to tell others something about one of the things listed in green below. An email address was provided for you to use to send in contributions. If the guy there liked your message, he could put it on this page for anyone to read. But no one sent in contributions so the email address has been removed. The page is left here so at some future time it may be tried again.
8 categories were accepted:

1. I'm glad that.... (50 words or less explaining/describing something that makes your life better) This section is contributions by the web master.

2. I wish that... (50 words or less telling your idea about what should be. Don't just decribe something that is wrong about the way things are. Tell about something that would make life better. You can include what's wrong with something if you want to, as long as you also describe what way would be better.)

3. Someday people will be able to... (Use 50 words or less to explain somethihg that you think people will be able to do in the future that they can't do now.)

4. Someday there will be a machine that... (50 words or less about a machine that hasn't been invented yet.)

5. Your hobby... (100 words or less: what your hobby is, something about it and why you like it.)

6. Your goals... (50 words or less listing one or more things you want to accomplish. It could be some thing done for the fun of it such as learning to whistle. Or it could be things that have some purpose such as learning to type faster.)

7. For your information... (50 words or less used for letting other people know something that might help them in some way.)

8. Misc... (You can also send in ideas that don't fit in any of the above categories. What ever it is that you are contributing should be something that is interesting or something that might help other people.)

Send your contribution to me in an email message by using the link below. Put Beings on the scene in the subject line. Only the ones liked by the guy who does this page will be used. If you include your first name or nickname, last initial and city, state or country of residence, those will be used to credit you with the contribution.

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