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Gardening And Gathering Food - Where To Get Them Online.

-- by Alan Detwiler
Gardening provides many rewards - self sufficiency, high quality food, challenge, and an appreciation of the natural world that makes our lives possible - all good reasons. Much has been written by thousands of gardeners that makes some of thier insight available to others. So, below is a list of a few ebooks each of which is about some aspect of growing food in a garden. In the list, each book has a brief description. A clickable link will take you to the webpage where you can purchase the book.

Make your own decision whether a particular book is useful to you. Everybody's circumstances and attitudes are different. Some may be available through your local library.

eBooks about gardening available through

  1. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, Nook format
    May be available in paper or as a download at your local library.
    Author: Kingsolver, Barbara; Kingsolver, Camille Published By: HarperCollins
    How to grow your own food and gain some independence from the retail food supply system. A good-humored account of a family's experience in securing a more ecological, healthy, and satifying approach to food.

  2. Compost
    Author: Thompson, Kenneth
    Published By: Dorling Kindersley
    A 192-page illustrated practical book on compost. Useful to the novice and the veteran composter.

  3. Creating Your Eco-friendly Garden, Nook format

    Kindle format

    other formats
    By: Horsfall, Mary
    Published By: CSIRO Publishing
    What gardening methods are best suited to your situation considering soil, climate, surrounding buildings and vegetation, and your food needs. Obtaining plants, planting times, watering options, drought-proofing, organic pest management, soil conservation, and maintaining biodiversity - all using low cost methods. Mary Horsfall has many years experience growing self-sufficiency food crops organically in a harsh, dry-summer environment in Australia.

  4. Science and the Garden: The Scienific Basis of Horticultural Practice, Kindle format

    Nook format

    By: Ingram, David; Prue, Daphne Vince; Gregory, Peter J.
    Published By: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
    Explains the reasons for particular gardening methods and practices, for example, why make the cut beneath a leaf node when taking cuttings. Explains why plants are green, why plants need sufficient water, and other basic biology. Jargon-free explanations. Covers the structure of garden plants, nomenclature, genetics, plant breeding, environmental factors affecting growth, methods of propagation and production, pest and disease control, and storing the harvest. Provides preparation for the Royal Horticultural Society general examination. Valuable to horticultural students at certificate and diploma levels and useful to gardeners, growers and scientists.

  5. Unk Eats A Garden And Thrives, Nook version

    Kindle version

    other formats

    Author: Detwiler, Alan Published By: Slickditty
    "Unk Eats A Garden And Thrives" is a fictional account of the near future. Self-sufficiency becomes especially important as resource depletion and climate change force prices greatly upward. Gardening and making-do with less become two popular strategies to cope with declining affluence.

    Unk and his friend Junior Frye are both gardeners and health nuts. Unk is a bit extreme and believes gardening is essential to well-being. He grows most of his own food and eats only what he thinks is the most healthful food. Junior is more moderate and gets most of his food from the local grocery store. Unk and Junior have many conversations about their central beliefs, life in general, and what can make life better.

    Unk planned and prepared years in advance as the cost of living increased and earnings declined. He lives well despite the economic challenges of highly inflated prices. He and Junior realize that spending power is not a measure of the quality of life. Planning and preparation along with a change in attitude are essential to making life the best it can be.

Have fun, pursue playfulness and a sense of wonder, do a search for Detwiler at

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