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Best Science Fiction Books - Where To Download.

-- by Alan Detwiler
Science fiction is an adaptation of the author's view of nature and the author's view of the manmade world - what they are and what they might be. The author is intent to produce the most profound and gratifying ideas he can conjure using insight forged from a lifetime of interaction with ideas active in humanity's collective consciousness. The author's view comes from all that civilization and culture has presented to him. So, science fiction is a vision derived from collective wisdom. When we apply concepts to author's words and feel the author's intent, we experience an affirmation of the greatness of civilization and culture, an affirmation of both its present and future rewards. Science fiction expands the sense of wonder about what might someday be and what already is.

There are a dozen or so science fiction books described below. I have not read all these books but I have tried to pick science fiction works that have been described in such a way that makes me want to read them. Most of these books may be available in paper or for download at your local library. The first book is "Thrivers In An Uncertain World". It is my baby.

Thrivers In An Uncertain Future(kindle version), (nook version). Other formats available at
Title: Thrivers In An Uncertain Future
Author: Alan Detwiler
The story of the near future when climate change has begun to have drastic effects on the lives of ordinary people. A pandemic further complicates the situation. The science of genetics has advanced somewhat beyond the present level and that enables another interesting development. It has some humor. Emphasis is on human character and what makes people admirable and endearing. It is the story of challenges that seem likely to present themselves in the near future and how mostly ordinary people meet those challenges.
Below are brief descriptions for a few science fiction books that seem likely to present plausible scenarios for the future. A clickable link takes you to an online source for a downloadable version.

  1. The Dispossessed
    Aurthor: Le Guin
    Pub. Date: April 2002
    Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
    Format: eBook
    File Size: 0.34 MB
    ISBN-13: 9780060503987
    ISBN: 006050398X
    $8 at
    Takes place far in the future. A brillant physicist living in a anarchical society visits a world much different from his own and yearns for a way to transform both cultures. A character study and examination of what would make an ideal society.

  2. The Gone-Away World
    Title: The Gone-Away World
    Aurthor: Nick Harkaway
    Set in the near future after our world has been distorted and degraded by war. Appealing characters, inventive, and intelligent.

  3. Anathem
    Title: Anathem
    Author: Neal Stephenson
    Publisher: Atlantic Books
    Date: 2008
    Describes our future society that has a group of monks who are dedicated to preserving forever the most important ideas. Once every ten years the monks come out of isolation and interact with society. Has humor, science, philosophical ideas and an adventurous plot.

  4. The Road
    Title: The Road
    Author: Cormac McCarthy
    Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, 2006 / Picador, 2006
    Civilization has been severely degraded by the destruction caused by an intense nuclear war. A father and son travel south in hopes of reaching an area with a more survivable climate. Throughout their journey they witness a variety of extreme and barbaric acts used to survive by those left alive after the holocaust. A bleak but plausible account of what it might be like to survive a nuclear war or other such severe disruption of civilization.

  5. Rainbows End : 0330451944
    Title: Rainbows End
    Author: Vernor Vinge
    Publisher: Tor
    Date: May 2006
    The near future when computer technology dominates everyday life, the government controls the flow of information, and you choose what reality you experience by selecting your preferences using computer-generated virtual reality technologies. The makers of the virtual reality programs are able to embed mind control features for their own purposes, manipulating the user, with only very subtle hints that anything is awry.

  6. The Beast That Shouted Love At The Heart Of The World
    Aurthor: Harlan Ellison
    ISBN-13: 2940000166109
    Pub. Date: 01/01/1969
    It is 2024. The Third War has destroyed civilization. The only remaining cities are deep underground, away from the radiation and savagery of the surface, where gangs known as Roverpaks forage and kill to survive. Vic is on his own in this desolated world, alone except for his sidekick Blood. Blood is an intelligent dog, a descendant from genetically enhanced lab animals. Depicts how brutal life is after a nuclear holocaust.

  7. Make Room! Make Room!
    Aurthor: Harry Harrison
    Publisher: Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC
    First publishe: 
    Pub. Date: April 2008
    ISBN: 0765318857
    ISBN-13: 9780765318855
    pp: 288
    $12.95 plus shipping at
    The year is 1999 and New York is in chaos from over population. 35 million people are struggling to find food, and to survive. The story of a policeman hunting a killer and his involvement with the victim's girl friend. Predicts what the future could be like if population continues its current rate of increase.

  8. Brave New World
    Aurthor: Aldous Huxley
    Describes a future world in which social evils have largely been eliminated. The non satifying culture is made palitable by the pleasures of sex and psychotropic drugs. Genetic engineering produces individuals suited to various rolls in a world society operated by industrial principles. A couple of leading characters become dissatified and struggle to adopt a different mode of living.

  9. The Drowned World
    Aurthor: J. G. Ballard 
    Publisher: Penguin Group Incorporated
    First published: 1962
    Pub. Date:  12/09/1976
    ISBN-13: 9780140022292
    Describes the earth in the middle of the twenty-first century when the temperature of the atmosphere has risen. Polar ice has melted flooding enormous areas of land. London is a swamp. Civilization has moved toward the poles. What has been abandoned has reverted to dinosaur-era-esque landscape. An expedition is sent out to survey the reminants of London. Three of the expedition members become overwhelmed by the psychological impact of their primal surroundings. The expedition heads back leaving the three behind to whatever fate awaits them.

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