Xs logic puzzle
A triangle and a square are drawn inside a circle so that the circle passes through all the corners of the square and all the points of the triangle.  Place Xs on the drawing so that: (1) exactly two Xs are within the triangle and circle only, (2) exactly two Xs are within the square and circle only, (3) exactly five Xs are in the triangle, and (4) there are a total of ten Xs within the circle.
10 Xs in circle

How many circles logic puzzle
There are 5 dots drawn randomly on a sheet of paper. How many circles can be drawn so that each circle passes through three dots?

How many handshakes logic puzzle
Four people meet in a room. Each person shakes hands once with each other person. How many hand shakes are there in all?

Water level logic puzzle
A  man and a cannon ball are in a boat that is floating in a lake. The person throws the cannon ball into the water. How does the level of the water in the lake change or does it change at all?

How many coins logic puzzle
A long, metal slide resembling a sliding board has been constructed with 3 holes spaced out along the length of the slide.  Coins are placed at the top of the slide and released one after another. For each coin that approaches the first hole the chances are 50 percent that it will fall through the hole. If it makes it past the first hole the chances are 50 percent that it will fall through the second hole. The third hole has the same chances.

How many coins need to be released so that chances are that one coin will make it all the way down the slide?


Bogus coin logic puzzle
You are given 9 coins. One of the coins is bogus. It is just slightly lighter in weight than the other coins. You must find which coin is fake using only a balance scales. The scales can only be used for comparing the weight of coins on one side of the scales with an equal number of coins on the other side of the scales. What is the least number of times you can use the scales and still be sure of finding which coin is fake?

Shortest path logic puzzle
A spider sits on the corner(a) of a cube. The spider wishes to walk to the opposite corner(b) of the cube by traveling on the outside of the cube. What path should the spider take in order to walk the shortest distance?
a and b at opposite corners |answer|

Stretching strip logic puzzle
One end of a rubber strip is attached to a tree. The other end of the rubber strip is attached to a car traveling away from the tree at 10 miles an hour. A bug steps on the strip from the tree and walks toward the car. The bug's walking speed is 1 mile per hour. We will assume that the rubber strip can be stretched forever without breaking. Will the bug ever reach the car?

4 equal pieces logic puzzle
Using only straight lines, cut this figure into 4 pieces that are all the same size and shape.
trapezoid |answer|

Crossing time logic puzzle
A man leaves his home at 2:00 p.m. Friday to begin a hike up a mountain. That night he sleeps at the top of the mountain and at 2:00 p.m. Saturday begins his journey down the mountain to his home. On both legs of the trip he occasionly stops to look at the view or to rest and pays little attention to the time. He follows the same trail on both days. Is it likely that sometime Saturday he would be at the same place on the trail at the same time of day as he was on Friday?

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