Things to do on a date.

These are fun things to do on a date if circumstances and your mood are right.

--Take a walk in a park. Perhaps use a shallow stream as your walkway if the weather is warm.
--Take a 1 or 2 hour drive through the most undeveloped area you can find.
--Cook something for the fun of it and enjoy it as part of a meal.
--Have a small party at your house. Invite your date to the party. Buy some pre-made pizza crusts, pizza or spaghetti sauce, and toppings (sausage, pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, etc.) Have each person make half of a pizza with whatever toppings they like. Bake the pizzas and enjoy.
--Visit the zoo.
--Explore/observe a natural habitat.
--Go fishing.
--Play golf, basketball, bowling, pool, tennis or other sport.
--Go to a flea market.
--Go to a fair or amusement park.
--Divide up 40 or more pennies. Take them to a wishing well. Take turns saying a wish and tossing a penny.
--Rent a small boat and take a cruise.
--Make a bonfire and roast marshmellows or hotdogs.
--Go walking in a nearby park.
--Sit and watch the sun set or rise.
--Launch a model rocket.
--Go down the giant slide ride.
--Throw a frisbee.
--Check out a bookstore.
--Enjoy the view from a lookout tower, skyscraper observation area, or scenic lookout.
--Go canoeing.
--Go for a walk through a woods, along the beach at sunset or through your neighborhood.
--Have a cookout.
--Raft ride down a creek.
--Go shopping at a greenhouse: even better in the winter.
--Visit a state or national park or forest.
--Have a picnic at sunrise or any other time.
--Do a slow tour of a botanical garden.
--See a planetariun show.
--Enjoy an overlook view of your city.
--Wander along following a creek examining whatever catches your interest.
--Go sightseeing in a nearby town.
--Find something to do by checking out a local visitors center.
--Pitch and catch.
--Visit a museum, art gallery or science center.
--Write the stories of your lives - Each of you use paper and pen to write one to three pages of whatever seems to best describe your life. After half an hour or so, read each others life story. Then ask each other questions.
--Write a fictional but plausible life story. Take a digital camera somewhere people are out and about. Take pictures of the people. Each of you take copies of the pictures. In your spare time before the next date, write stories (or just one story) about one or more of the people in the pictures. On the next date for each story, maybe display the picture on a computer screen and read the story aloud.

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