So your children are bored?

-- by Phil Wiley

So your children are bored? They want something to do? “No! Not that mum, something fun!”

Sound familiar?

If your children are old enough why not take a camping trip? This not only provides them with an excellent opportunity to run around in fresh air and sunshine, but gives them an invaluable knowledge of survival skills. Have the children help around the campsite, collecting the firewood and preparing meals. Experiment with meals that you can prepare while out camping, for example cooking vegetables in the hot coals of a fire. If you’d prefer something a little closer to home you could help your children set up a tent in the back yard and camp there for a night. Play pretend games about being away from home on a camping trip.

An activity that will keep your children occupied for hours on end is gardening. Help your children to build a garden bed and choose seeds or seedlings to plant in it. Help them decide where to put their garden bed and what they would like to grow. Take them to buy their plants or seeds and show them how to plant them. Creating a garden bed is something that will also teach your children to take responsibility for a certain task. When they have their garden bed they will have to water it each day and pull out any weeds that might grow. Through gardening they are able to see the fruits of their labour, either by watching their flowers grow and being able to pick them if they choose to, or by watching their vegetables grow then harvesting and eating them. Creating a veggie garden is also a great way to get kids into the habit of healthy eating!

Other ideas for children are cooking, games, making gifts and doing other crafts.

About the author:

Phil Wiley is the author of the best selling book Mini Site Profits and writes the free weekly Letter from Phil at



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