Add Some Fun to Your To Do List

-- by Maria Gracia

Take a look at your To Do list. If you had to categorize each task or project into work or fun, which way would the scale tip? For most people, To Do lists contain work affiliated activities -- whether they are business related or household chore related.

When you're making your To Do list, don't only include those items that you HAVE to do. Rather, scatter some things that you WANT to do.

Maybe you'd like to write a letter to someone you haven't been in contact with. Put it on your To Do List.

Possibly, you've been meaning to get to that new store or restaurant. Again, write it on your To Do List.

A mental note is not enough. When you write it down, you're certain that it won't be forgotten, it's more concrete and there's an excellent chance that you'll actually do it.

Once you have these things that you want to do on your To Do List, you can then schedule a specific date and time and finally start doing the things you enjoy!

by Maria Gracia - Get Organized Now!

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