Beach vacations appeal to the whole family

-- by Lori Wilkerson

It's time to plan the family vacation and you're running into trouble again. Just once you'd like to find something that everyone will love, but you don't think you can find it; after all, you have the twins who are six years old, a terminally bored teenager, and a preteen daughter whose idea of the perfect vacation is a trip to the mall. Your husband loves to golf, and your idea of a vacation, frankly, is anywhere you can just relax and take it easy for a change!

You could try asking the whole family where they'd like to go for a vacation, but you could get answers like this:

Somewhere I can go shopping for some really cool stuff!
The beach, so I can get some surfing in.
A golf resort would be nice - I'd like to improve my handicap.
Can we go someplace where there are rides? And lots of games?
I think the kids should learn something on this trip; let's go someplace cultural.

There's no place that meets those standards anywhere in the world better than Mexico! If you want everyone to enjoy themselves for a week or two, then Mexican beach vacations are the perfect choice!

Sun, sand and surf

Family beach vacations have always appealed to every generation. There's something universal about the pull of the ocean. Warm, white sands that are soft under your feet and lapis blue waters that are crystal clear invoke relaxation and a sense of peace and renewal. Mexico has thousands of miles of soft white beaches that are family-friendly with miles of gorgeous surf.

While you enjoy the sea breeze, the twins can be dashing in and out of the tide, admiring hermit crabs as they dart into their holes. Your daughter can work on her tan or stroll over to one of the booths where locals wait to cornrow her hair.

And don't forget the terminal case of boredom - he's trying out a surfboard that he rented from the cabana at the hotel. Tomorrow he plans to try his hand at windsurfing or parasailing. Your husband is catching everything on film for later.

And when evening rolls around:

Most resorts offer a choice or restaurants from family-friendly pizza parlors to fine dining with a great wine cellar. Or you can explore the local town for a sampling of local cuisine. If you enjoy seafood, there's nothing that beats finding a local seafood joint with seating on the beach for atmosphere and fun.

After the sun goes down, take a stroll on the beach at night and look for sea turtles if the season is right. These magnificent creatures are an unforgettable experience for young and old alike.

If you head to the boardwalks that abound along most beaches, you're sure to find games and rides for the whole family. Your six year olds will be delighted with a Ferris wheel ride with a spectacular view of the ocean while your daughter gets her caricature done by a local artist.

Beach vacations in Mexico don't stop at the edge of the water. All of those beach resorts are located near wonderful little resort towns that have colorful bazaars and market districts. Do some shopping, and look for a few colorful pieces of clothing to show off when you get back home!

Don't forget to visit some of the historical treasures of the area while you're visiting. Your family will be amazed by the impressive size and grandeur of Mayan ruins just miles from some of the beaches.

When visiting the ruins take the time to admire the villages and towns you pass through; Mexico is a mix of heritages. Descendants of the Maya, Inca and Spanish settlers all make up the rich heritage of today's Mexico.

Meanwhile, back on the beach: After a few days of sightseeing, shopping, and golfing even the most energetic family members will want to relax, and that's why beach vacations are the best thing going - total relaxation!

Close your eyes and think about the beach and you can almost feel yourself relax, can't you? Imagine your children building sand castles in toasted white sands. Picture your teenagers swimming on the rolling waves, ducking under the crystal-clear blue of tropical waters to watch fish flicking about around their legs.

Beach vacations can also give you the opportunity to learn something new and exciting together. Try parasailing - there's nothing as exhilarating as sailing through the sea breezes as you look down on the coast from the air like a seagull! If you've always wanted to try sailing, a beach vacation will give your whole family the opportunity to go out on a sailboat for the day.

There are so many tremendous opportunities to do things when your family takes a beach vacation to Mexico. Whether you want to enjoy the sand and sun, try a little bit of adventure, or sample great local foods and wines.

Finally, keep in mind that, since family vacations usually mean traveling in the summer months, a Mexico beach vacation can be a great bargain. Since these months are considered 'off season', you'll be surprised by just how affordable a stay on a stretch of white sand beach in Mexico can be while your kids are on summer break.

About the Author

Lori Wilkerson is a full-time freelance writer who loves her job because it gives her the opportunity to learn more about the world every day. Right now, she knows a little bit about almost everything, and a lot about Hawaii Vacations, Beach Vacation Deals, and Cheap Beach Vacations. Lori once led a Conga line to the tune, "Hot, Hot, Hot," throughout an entire cruise ship sailing to Nassau. (True story!)



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