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(ARA) - While many aspects of camping have changed over the years, the true joys of camping have remained the same -- spending quality time with the family and relaxing in the great outdoors. Camping is not just roughing it anymore.

Camping is a wonderful activity enjoyed by millions of families each year. For many, camping is a family pastime. Some peoples' earliest childhood memories involve family camping trips and many still remember the excitement of catching their first fish or the thrill of touching a frog. Many who didn't experience camping are now trying to pass along what they missed to their kids.

Brad and Amy Herzog, of Pacific Grove, Calif., didn't grow up camping, but over the past eight years they have created memories for their own family that will last forever. Brad recalls the first trip he and his wife took in an RV, which lasted ten months. They talked, traded stories and bonded while they traveled together across 48 states. During this time, Brad authored "States of Mind," a book which chronicles their travels and experiences in small towns across America.

"In the wake of world events, people value three things: quality time with family, a safe and comfortable way to travel, and the chance to discover America," Herzog explains. "In my mind, RVing covers all three." Brad and Amy now have two young children and say they have a greater understanding of the significance and importance of family time.

There are plenty of activities the family can enjoy while camping. Everything from storytelling to stargazing is fun when done together. If everyone can't agree on one activity, members can break off and do different things or just sit back and relax. Items that can help enhance your fun outside and also offer educational opportunities include a sketch pad, a star guide or magnifying glass.

Despite all your preparations, you can't depend on Mother Nature to provide you with perfect weather for your outdoor activities. If your camping trip includes an RV, you'll be able to bring along some entertainment options. Compact disc or DVD players, VCRs and video games can provide welcome diversions in the RV. Allowing children to play a video game or watch a movie at night might just make the trip more pleasurable for everyone.

Comfort and Convenience

One of the lures of RV camping is the ability to bring the comforts of home with you on your trip. Large RVs and motorhomes have installed generators that provide electrical power, but many of the smaller, towable RVs do not come equipped with the ability to run life's modern amenities. Spotting this need, Onan, a power generation products company, recently introduced Camp Power, the first installed generator designed specifically for towable RVs. Camp Power provides power for microwaves, televisions, air conditioners and other items when camping.

With the help of generators, camping doesn't mean roughing it. Fresh coffee can be made in the morning and children can watch their favorite cartoons during breakfast. And generators provide power to cooking appliances when a campfire is out of the question and allow food to remain fresh and be stored safely in a small refrigerator.

The Herzog's have found a generator makes camping with their two young children a breeze. "We are able to warm up bottles, cook food, camp anywhere and have any kind of family friendly amenity needed," Herzog explains.

Discover America

The versatility of traveling in an RV lets campers go where they want to go, whenever they want to go there. Whether it's a beach in Florida or skiing in Colorado, RVers can have all the comforts of home with them.

"RVing is an inspiring and educational way to spend time with your family," Brad says. His children are both under the age of two and already have traveled to many places in the United States. They camp together a few months out of every year and hope they've created a family tradition that their two children will someday be able to share with their kids.

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