Universal kitesurfing hand signals

-- by Jakob Jelling

Even though kitesurfing is a dangerous sport, it is popular around the world. People from different countries travel around the world to different kitesurfing locations. That is the reason why universal kitesurfing hand signals are very important. Universal kitesurfing hand signals will help you to communicate with other kitesurfers even if you speak different languages. You will especially need to know universal kitesurfing hand signals for safety reasons: letting people around you know that you are in distress and that you need help.

There are many different universal kitesurfing hand signals and we will talk about some of the most important ones. If you need help, for example, the proper one of the universal kitesurfing hand signals is to wave both of your arms in the air. Also, if you need help and you are down in the water or your lines are down, you will need to whistle to signal boats or kitesurfers moving toward you. Another one of the universal kitesurfing hand signals you will need to use is you want help with landing. You will need to tap flat hand on your helmet. People on shore will need to wave both hands to indicate that they will help.

There are two universal kitesurfing hand signals to tell people to look at something. If you want other people to look at you, you will need to point two finger of one of your hands at your eyes. If you want other people to look in some specific direction, you will need to point a straight arm in this direction. Yes and No signals are very simple. To say “Yes”, you will need to nod your head up and down. To say “No”, you will need to move your head left and right.

When you are launching, you will need to show thumbs up (or head nod) to people around you and loudly say 'launch'. Another one of the important universal kitesurfing hand signals is the get ready to launch signal. You will need to put your arm above your head. Your arm should not be straight, but it should also be some distance above your head or helmet.

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