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Top Ten Benefits of Play  -- A very intellectual description of the benefits of play. Read this when you are rested and alert. Give yourself time to pause and reflect. It makes some good points that are worth considering.

Choosing Happiness  -- Expresses the philosophy that every person has the power to choose (at least to some extent) the emotional feelings being experienced.
Just Be Happy?  -- This article expresses a concept about achieving happiness that is at the same time simple but difficult to put into practice.

Finding Adventure in Little Things  -- An account of a simple undertaking that might have only a small chance of success and would produce less than dramatic results. But are not drama and adventure in the mind of the adventurer?

Got Fun?  -- You can have more fun by choosing to pay attention to what makes you feel good. The article doesn't seem to say more than that. But then maybe that's saying a lot.

How To Have a Life-changing Experience  -- Makes a statement that traveling will not dramatically change you. Finding a life's goal comes from taking the time to think about what is worth having as a life's goal.

What's Your Definition of Fun?  -- Everybody's idea of having fun is different. Every person's ways of having fun change. We all must continually rediscover our own ways to enjoy ourselves.

Every Day That the Furnace Works Is a Good Day  -- A couple of bits of wisdom and insight about enjoying what you have.


Innovative Gifts Make Driving Fun, Safe  -- Half a dozen add-on interior accessories described. Among them a thermometer for measuring the temperature of any surface you aim it at and a heated coffee mug that keeps the coffee at whatever temperature you set it at.

Add-on Accessories To Enhance Your Car  -- Brief descriptions of about 10 items you might want to install in your car.

Dating, romance, companionship

Dating Advice For Those Just Getting Back On The Dating Wagon!  -- Has 7 suggestions for having a successful first date with someone.

Ways to Find Ideas For Fun Dates  -- Strategies and methods for getting ideas for new, unusual and enjoyable ways for you and your special someone to spend time together.

Great Date Ideas For Teens  -- Describes 4 creative dates that are unusual and that would likely be more memorable than dinner and a movie.

5 Myths of Online Dating  -- Says online dating is as safe as other ways of dating and saves time and effort.

Online Dating Success  -- Some dos and don'ts for online dating. For example, before an in person meeting, talk over the phone to get to know each other better.

Online Dating Works!  -- A long, antidotal but informative narrative about one person's online dating experience.


Travel to Deep Space by Sitting at Your Computer  -- Lists several websites that have amazing pictures of distant galaxies, other space formations and images from satellites.

Internet Tutorials Are the Teachers of the Future  -- Tells of the availability, features and advantages of online tutorials, especially those dealing with learning how to play the guitar.


How to Ensure a Successful Family Trip  -- Excerpts from "The Grownup's Guide" series of books. Gives practical methods to help make family vacations and trips more enjoyable.
Six Good Reasons to Take a Family Vacation  -- The reasons include such things as spending enjoyable time with your family and building a sense of adventure. Yeah, the six reasons can be practiced without going on a vacation. But being on vacation has the advantage of boosted interest levels.
So Your Children Are Bored?  -- Tells about two interesting recreation activities to do with your kids: camping and gardening. Mentions several other activities.
Five Free Neighborhood Tours  -- Suggestions for which sites in a community to tour by a family for an interesting and enjoyable experience finding out about what goes on in places such as the fire department and a grocery store.
Great Family Camping Trips  -- What equipment and accessories to take along when camping, a few suggestions for entertainment activities and strategies for enjoying camping.
Taking Kids For a Hike  -- Basic safety concerns, appropriate clothing and what to take along, keeping children interested, instilling a respect for nature.

Plant a Spring Garden with Your Child  -- Gives suggestions for appealing garden projects for kids.

About Expectations and the Family Vacation  -- When on a vacation with children expect parenting to be just as demanding. There are concrete things you can do to prepare and there are attitude preparations.

Beach Vacations Appeal to the Whole Family  -- Tells some of what you can do at the beach, particularly in Mexico.

Gardening for Kids  -- Suggestions for introducing gardening to kids; a very simple homemade Chia Pet-type project, which vegetables mature quickest for the most immediate payoff, and a couple of other ideas.

11 Quick and Easy Kids Costumes  -- Briefly describes 11 homemade party costumes that can be made with household items and/or purchased craft products. Adults might find these fun too.

10 Things To Do Around A Campfire  -- You likely can use two or three of these ideas to have some fun at your next campfire or bondfire.


Eat Outside Your Box  -- Beginning methods for adding to your repertoire of enjoyed foods.

Eating Can Be an Adventure - Keep It Interesting, Simple, Healthy, and Fun.  -- Strategies and a recipe link for how to go about increasing your enjoyment of eating by developing a likeness for unfamiliar and unusual foods.


How to Set up the Perfect Billiards Room  -- Makes suggestions such as having bar stools, neon lights on the walls to add a bar-like ambiance, coat racks and cue stick racks.

A Beginner’s Guide to Billiards  -- Gives the basic rules for 6 different games of pool, including the two most popular in the U.S., 8 ball and straight pool.


Balcony, Patio, and Courtyard Gardening  -- Comments on making a container garden visually appealing, types of containers to use, and various other basic design considerations.

Enjoy Creating and Growing a Sustainable Garden While Feeding Your Family  -- Tells the fundamental methods that can be used to have a vegetable garden that is economical, environmentally friendly, and might be used to supply food should a disruption in society's food supply occur.

Growing Vegetables in Containers - The Compact Solution  -- Tells some of the ways container gardening is different from regular garden such as the greater need for watering and fertilizing.

Practical Steps to Organic Gardening  -- What organic gardening is, a list of a few organic gardening methods and some benefits of organic gardening.

Planning a Vegetable Garden  -- Tells the temperature requirements for some of the common vegetable crops. Gives several rules of thumb, i.e., gardens should have at least 5 hours of direct sun each day, don't let the ground dry out, and typical space required to produce enough vegetables for a family of four. Several other tips.

The Home Garden  -- Some considerations when planning a garden for the beginner gardener. Where to place the garden, what soil is best, a few other requirements, and some considerations that you must get answers to. Not comprehensive.


3 Easy Steps to Get Fit at Home  -- Basic strategies for a fitness routine: to prevent injury, to make it comfortable, to keep doing it.
Workouts That Travel  -- Offers suggestion for strategies to continue a fitness program when traveling. Some specific exercises are listed.

10 Innovative Game Features  -- Describes a workout video that has been given a video game type format.


Backpacking Basics  -- A short article stating a few general concerns for the backpacker. You should read more before doing any serious backpacking.

Camping and Outdoor Activities  -- States what some popular outdoor activities are particular at national parks. Gives a few general, basic considerations for those activities. Might be helpful to someone who is wondering what outdoor activity to choose. Gives mostly preliminary information with few details or specific information about each activity.
Camping Equipment Essentials  -- This is a list of what you might want to take with you on an overnight camping trip when you will not be backpacking the equipment a long distance. Included are a few 'luxury' food prep items such as frying pan, Dutch oven, mixing bowl, dishpan and a camp stove. There may be items you want to take along that are not on the list such as: compass, map, cell phone,
Twenty Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Sleeping Bag  -- These are a start but you still have to figure out how the answers to the questions lead you to the right sleeping bag to purchase. A sleeping bag is very important to a pleasant camping experience. It is worth the time and expense to pick one that will do the job.
Best Tips for Enjoying the Backcountry in the Rain  -- Tells how to stay dry and how to keep your equipment dry. Good advice for anyone who spends much time tent camping or hiking in the backcountry.

Choosing the Right Camping Lantern  -- States the two general types available and which is brightest, which is safest, which works best in cold weather. Doesn't say which is cheapest, how long they last, which is most durable, how they operate. Says little about what features are available.

Five Life Skills for Backcountry Enjoyment  -- The five skills are: first aid, navigate, knots, fire starting, low impact recreation. Does not teach these skills but tells in general where to learn them. Other skills not mentioned may be more important - staying dry and warm; having adequate food and water; for overnight camping, being comfortable enough to sleep; avoiding sunburn, insect bites and poison ivy; and etc.

Great Tips for Car Camping Enjoyment  -- What to take along. A few miscellaneous tips such as having a tent that's plenty big because you will spend a lot of time there if the weather is bad.

Top Tips for Successful Backcountry Navigation  -- Lists some important guidelines for knowing direction and position in the backcountry.

Why Orienteering is Hot!  -- Describes what orienteering is, lists the most common types of orienteering.

What's In Your Hiking Pack?  -- Lists about 15 items most important to safety and well-being to keep in a backpack while hiking. Also suggest some items that are nice to have.

If You're Ever Lost in the Outdoors!  -- Advises that you reorient yourself by finding a familiar formation or feature. Gives a couple of ways to do that.

Primitive Navigation in the Outdoors  -- Tells how to find North using a stick and its shadow, using a watch and a small stick, using a crescent moon and using the North star. Also tells how to tell latitude with the North Star.

So You Want To Climb A Colorado “Fourteener”  -- Some good advice about being prepared to hike up a hiking trail to the top of a 14,000 feet mountain.

Things You Should Know About Tents  -- Gives the main points to consider when selecting, using, caring for and storing a tent. Lists the 3 basic tent designs.

20 Tips on Sleeping Warm in the Outdoors  -- Has advise for staying warm such as having a pair of dry socks used only when sleeping, using a half bag (like a large mitten that both feet fit into) and wearing a stocking hat while sleeping.

Selecting a Good Hiking Trail  -- Some criteria you will want to consider when selecting a hiking trail. Tells how to figure the approximate time it will take to hike a particular trail.

Why Ultralight Backpacking?  -- Tells advantages of using a lighter than typical backpack when hiking. Explains some of the misconceived disadvantages.

Get the Most Out of Your Hike  -- Suggestions for preventing problems and making hiking more enjoyable. For example, checking the weather forecast before you leave and wearing layers of clothing so you can easily adjust how much you are wearing.

How to Pick Your Next Camping Tent  -- Discusses what size tent is big enough for a given number of people.

Hypothermia  -- The symptoms, causes, treatment and how to prevent hypothermia.

What Is Dirtbagging?  -- Says what dirtbagging is, and a narrative about an outdoor adventure.


Experience the Strange and Twisted World of Internet Cafes  -- Experience the Strange and Twisted World of Internet Cafes- Internet cafes are patronized by travelers who typically have no way of knowing what might go on there. The particular cafe that the traveler happens upon can fall anywhere within a spectrum ranging from reputable to far-from-reputable.
Have Laptop Will Travel  -- Tells how to connect to the internet using a laptop computer when traveling.

Get Started In Website Creation: Unravel Technobabble and Create Quality Websites  -- Provides an introduction to some relevant terminology; gives a simple description of the basics of how a website functions; and gives some requirements the website must meet. Anyone wanting to make a website would need to know more than the article presents.

Substitute the Internet for Your TV  -- Makes suggestions for were to find videos online for cartoons, action, and news. Has a couple of brief comments about the quality of the content at the suggested sites.

Connecting On The Road  -- Tells the general speed, availability and costs of 5 options that may be available to a RVer.

Miscellaneous topics

Looking for a Holiday with a Difference?  -- These are unusual trips offering unusual experiences. The described vacations in this article involve travel to one of the following: Sweden, Finland, Australia, or Oklahoma. The Oklahoma trip is a tornado chasing adventure. It would seem to have a very small chance of success on a randomly selected day. For some trips, a tolerance of cold weather would be required. You should be prudent choosing a vacation and give due consideration to the particular bothers the vacation may present.
Soft Adventure  -- A couple of companies in the White Mountains in Northeastern U.S. offer rockclimbing workshops, assisted camping/hiking and other programs for vacationers who want more than the typical outdoor vacation experience.

Create Your Own Webcomic  -- Very informative about how to go about creating and posting a graphic comic online.

Geocaching: A Great Way To Get Outdoors  -- An introduction to geocaching - what is it and how do you do it.

A Meaningful Activity for You & Your Animal Companion  -- Suggestions for taking your pet to a hospital, prison, nursing home or children's shelter for the enjoyment of the residents there.

A Mom's Getaway With the Girls  -- Sharing thoughts with friends while being away from your everyday life is valuable.

Electric RC Airplanes  -- Comments on the recent improvements that have made this hobby possible. Gives a few advantages and disadvantages of the battery types used and of a couple of motor design features.

RC Gliders  -- States why radio controlled gliders are popular, why they can stay in the air for long periods, describes the two launch methods.

How to Become a Pilot  -- The basic requirements of becoming a pilot, what you have to do, the dollar cost and some idea of the time involved.

Simple Pleasures: Ingredients to Feed Your Spirit  -- Describes a way of comforting yourself by pleasant daily rituals such as talking a walk, drinking tea and/or taking a nap.

Tips for a Successful Party  -- Many ideas for planning and organizing a party. For example, suggestions include making sure the invited guess know whether to dress formally or casually, whether a meal will be provided, and if children are welcome.

What Do I Need to Start Scrapbooking?  -- A short article giving a few guidelines such as using acid-free, lignin free paper which doesn't cause photographs to degrade.

Why Do People Skydive?  -- The reason given included: being distracted from everyday concerns, the heightened alertness of the adrenaline rush, the accomplishment of overcoming fear and the feelings and sensations experienced when in descent.

You Don't Have to Hurt Yourself to Snowboard  -- Good info on the protective gear available. A couple of tips about how to fall.

Seven Games Dogs Just Love To Play  -- Simple games/tricks to teach your dogs such as hide and seek and shake hands.

Eating Wild Plants  -- Why you might want to use edible wild plants, some basic methods for preparing them, and links to more information.

Preparing For a Widespread Disaster  -- Possible widespread, long lasting disasters; basic ways to be somewhat prepared for them; and links to related information.


Getting the Right Digital Camera For Me  -- Presents explanations of the main features of a digital camera that a buyer must consider when choosing what camera to purchase.
Beach Vacation Photo Tips  -- Offers a couple of photography equipment suggestions and a couple of suggestions for what to take pictures of and how to take those pictures. The article is most helpful for the semi serious photographer.

Photography Tips While Traveling  -- Advises you: find scenic views to photograph with, books, and online searches. Lists some photo equipment you might need to take along.

9 Tips For Taking Great Digital Photos  -- Has good explanations of what effects picture focus, brightness, and color. Tells what you need to do to get the best results your camera will give for those factors.

How to Buy a Digital Camera  -- A brief article explaining the main aspects to consider when picking out a digital camera for the average user.

RV (recreational vehicles)

It’s Family Camping Time  -- Gives some of the reasons a family might want to travel from campsite to campsite in an RV: seeing the country, having food prep available, safety, and being able to spend time together. Mentions some items that can be taken along for entertainment and convenience such as a DVD player and a generator so cooking and entertainment devices can be powered anywhere.

Enjoying Your Vacation in an RV  -- Myths and truths about vacationing in an RV. For example, it tells you if RVs really save you money, if RV travel requires less planning, and if RV travel is more fun than car/airline/hotel travel.

How (and Why) to Roam Mexico in an RV or Van  -- Helpful info on various points: how to find places to stay, precautions to take, and what to expect for finding drinking water, hookups and etc.

Your RV Lifestyle - Try It First!  -- Suggests planning a trip and renting an rv to test how you would like owning one. States the many options available.

Strategies for having fun

Add Some Fun to Your To Do List  -- Put a bigger priority on enjoyment by including things to do for fun on your to-do list.
Exercise Walking For Seniors: Preventing Foot Problems  -- Written by a podiatrist. Tells benefits of walking and gives guidelines to avoid problems with your feet. The advice might not be 100% correct but seems helpful for the most part. Walking as exercise is helpful for maintaining or improving health and a sense of well-being and is part of a general strategy for leisure enjoyment.
Families That Play Together, Stay Together  -- A narrative account of a family's experience learning to snowboard. It illustrates that learning new skills can be humiliating at times but is also rewarding.
Gluttons for Punishment  -- A camping adventure, made more memorable by its having been done with only the most basic requirements of shelter, food, and comfort.
Simple Pleasures  -- Describes an incident that caused the author to consider and appreciate the simple pleasures in life such as watching a sunset or taking a walk.
The Top 10 Ways to Nurture Creativity in Your Children and Yourself  -- Creativity involves enjoyment of what is developing from your efforts and is a key ingredient to having fun. This article applies to people of all ages.

Six Ways to Meet People When You are Traveling, with Examples from Mexico  -- How to begin a friendly encounter with a stranger. The two main ways are express appreciation and ask a question. A couple of other methods are described.

A Mindful Road Trip: The No-Goal Vacation  -- An interesting description of a family's largely unplanned vacation during which they enjoyed events and experiences as they developed.

Creating Happiness  -- We create happiness by paying attention to what makes us happy.

Happiness as a Habit  -- Proposes that a person can decide to be happy and then get better at being happy by practice. This is accomplished by deciding what thoughts are pursued and which thoughts are dismissed.

How To Make Your Own Happiness  -- Six practical ways to increase the happiness in your life. For example, give more attention to what makes life worthwhile.

Technology, leisure related

CD-ROM Atlases make for Precision Travel Planning  -- Describes how to use cd-rom street atlases to have driving directions to a destination. For those unfamiliar with cd street atlases.

How to Choose a GPS  -- Describes the types of gps devices available, the advantages and disadvantages each type has, and typical prices.


Secrets Of Cheap Travel  -- Some examples are: purchasing healthy snacks at a grocery store as a substitute for some restaurant meals, doing activities that are low in price but are nonetheless things you enjoy, and taking a bus to a major city and flying from there instead of flying the entire trip.

Things You Need To Know Before You Book A Hotel Online  -- Lists what information should be provided to you by the website. Suggests what you should do to insure you get what you want/expect.

How To Be Safe While Traveling  -- Crime safety tips such as don't look like a target, travel with a group, and don't have valuables in plain sight.

Playing Your Cards Right: Tips for Traveling with Credit Cards  -- Ways to avoid credit card problems. For example making a photocopy of both sides of the cards (and other documents important to travel) and leaving the copies with someone you can call if the cards or documents are lost or stolen.

Trip Packing List  -- Basic, commonly used travel items to take along such as an umbrella, camera, and a sleeping aid. Also tips, for example, for those who travel a lot, to have a set of personal care products just for traveling so they don't have to be collected together and packed for each trip.

Water sports

Big Air Equals Big Thrills in This New Extreme Water Sport  -- An introduction to kiteboarding: what is it, what it takes to get started.
Kitesurfing Equipment Dangers  -- States a few safety concerns involving kitesurfing equipment. Tells how to lessen the likelihood of injury from misuse of equipment or improper equipment.
Buying a New Kayak  -- Gives a few important considerations for picking the kayak when you are looking to buy one.
Considering Buying a Boat? Check Out These Guidelines  -- An introduction to a few important considerations involved in choosing what boat to buy.
Kitesurfing Water Dangers  -- Warns against kitesurfing in bad weather because of the dangers of large waves, cold water, and the possibility of not being able to return to shore.
The Rising Popularity of Windsurfing  -- Describes briefly what windsurfing is. Tells what wind speed is required, what equipment cost.
Universal Kitesurfing Hand Signals  -- Describes 9 hand signals that are used to signal such messages as "I need help", "Help me land", and "I will help".

Scuba Certification: Questions You Need To Ask Before Getting Certified  -- Questions to ask the staff of a scuba certification training program in order to determine if it is a quality outfit.

The Art of Surfing  -- Advises that you learn some things before you begin surfing - has a list of what to learn. Gives the body positions taken throughout a surfer's progression from when the wave approaches until the end of riding the wave.

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