Kitesurfing water dangers

-- by Jakob Jelling

Kitesurfing is an extremely dangerous sport and a lot of attention and training should be directed towards avoiding various dangers of the sport. The first thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that in many cases kitesurfing water dangers are directly related to bad weather conditions, so the first step of avoiding these dangers is to avoid kitesurfing when the weather is not good.

One of the kitesurfing water dangers is the danger of high waves during the stormy weather. These high waves may cause the kitesurfer to loose control, especially when flying close to the water surface. Waves can also carry the kitesurfer far away from the shore. Another danger is low visibility. This danger may directly tie to the high waves problem. High waves can cause low visibility, in addition to many other possible causes. Loosing control or visibility may end up in injury or even drowning. Kitesurfing is especially dangerous if a kitesurfer is far away from the shore. The bad water conditions may ruin the ability of swimming back to the shore.

Another danger is the fact that during bad weather it may be hard, even impossible, to re-launch from water. Self rescue from the water surface and even rescue by other people may be impossible. Another danger is the cold water temperature. If a kitesurfers ends up in the water and the temperature is cold, he or she may suffer hypothermia. The time a kitesurfer can stay in cold water is a lot shorter. Productivity and strength are also lower in cold temperature. There are many other kitesurfing water dangers.

Dangerous ocean or sea areas also belong to the category of kitesurfing water dangers. Examples of these dangers are rocks, corals and sand banks. Even shark areas can be very dangerous, if present. Every kitesurfer should learn how to avoid kitesurfing water dangers and how to rescue yourself from the water.

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