Five free neighborhood tours

-- by Jodi Jill

Wondering where to take the kids this weekend? If you find yourself looking to stay close to home, then you need to consider a free tour. Free tours in your neighborhood are only minutes from your doorstep.

Most government agencies and companies open their doors to the public for a peek inside. Actually, some of the best tours are local. The sight of bagels being made or how the police department works is enthralling. These people are part of our community.

All one needs to do is contact the tour and ask them about their reservation policies. Once a reservation is set, show up to have fun with the kids while learning about a whole new world. A bonus to this trend: the free tours are within driving distance of home so dinner is still at your house.

Finding several neighborhood tours for your kids enjoyment isn't as hard as it sounds. Here are some great pleases to start:

Firehouse - The big red fire engine is enjoyed by every child, no matter their age. Inside the firehouse find the newest technological equipment used to fight fires.

Grocery store - While a store is a common establishment for every community, the workings of a grocery store is fascinating. Expect to see how a large business works on this tour.

Library - This tour will be full of books and interesting facts. Anticipate the chance to hear the history of the community, architecture and the art of books.

Bakery - The giant cinnamon rolls smell delicious, but the ingredients need to be mixed early. A bakery tour will explain the importance of baked items and following recipes.

Candy Store - Watching sweets being made can never be sweeter. Toffee, chocolate candies and even fudge tours are sure hits with the kids.


Jodi Jill is the author of the Tours For Free Series. Guidebooks highlighting places to take your family for FREE, fun tours. When not touring thrifty, you can find her helping others to read. Read more at



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