5 Myths of online dating

-- by Tyler Casselman

If you're new to online dating you may have a lot of questions going through your mind about finding a date online. You have maybe heard things like it's not safe or that you won't find a long lasting relationship online. Lets look at my top 5 myths of online dating.

Online dating isn't safe

Dating online can be safe, you just have to take the proper precautions. It can be just as safe as any other way of meeting people.

You wont find love online

This simply isn't true. Services such as eHarmony specialize in long term relationships. Match has been a good meeting place for singles. They have millions of members and have been the result of well over 1000 marriages.

Online dating is simply overrated

It could be. This is just a matter of opinion. Internet dating does have its advantages to the traditional ways of meeting people. It allows you to meet people easily from all over without going to places like bars and nightclubs.

Online dating is for geeks

Come on, just go check out these services and the profiles of the people who are using them. Do all these people look like geeks? Everyone is experimenting with the world of online dating.

People are more likely to lie online

It is true that the people you meet could lie to you. But how do you know that any person you date isn't lying. When it comes to relationships, people do lie and maybe you have had past relationships that have ended for that reason. Bottom line- people lie online and offline.

So there you have it my top 5 myths of online dating. Why not stop worrying so much about what others are saying about online dating and jump in and give it try. I think you will be surprised by the quality of people you will meet.

Tyler Casselman is an online dating expert. He owns the popular site Online Dating Home. www.online-dating-home.com
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