Twenty questions to ask yourself when choosing a sleeping bag

-- by Camp Spot - My Favorite Camping Store

Before you head out to buy a new sleeping bag, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for. When you answer these questions, you’ll be better prepared to pick out the sleeping bag that is just right for you.

• How will you be using your sleeping bag? Will you be backpacking or hiking? Or do you just need a bag for a family camping trip?

• What time of year will you be camping? Will you be doing summer camping, spring through fall excursions, or rough winter camping?

• Consider your budget. How much do you want to spend? Can you save money by getting a higher quality sleeping bag on discount?

• Where will you be using it? Will you be sleeping in a tent? Out in the open? In a lodge or cabin? What areas will you be using the sleeping bag? Will it be in wet areas, dry deserts, mountains?

• What comfort level do you want? If weight isn’t a consideration, do you prefer a roomier, softer, more comfortable sleeping bag? Are you accustomed to the cold night air or do you chill easily?

• Is the weight and compatibility important? Will you be carrying it for a long distance? Do you have limited space?

• How long do you want it to last? Would you prefer to get a cheaper one and replace it later? Or do you want a higher quality sleeping bag that will last many years?

• Is flexibility important? Do you need one bag to meet all your needs, summer through winter?

• How often do you intend to use it? Is this a once a year camping trip? Or will you be using it very frequently?

• Who will be using the bag? Man, woman, or child? What is their body shape?

• How much extra room do you like? Do you sleep still at night or do you tend to toss and turn a lot?

Be sure you consider all these important aspects before you buy a sleeping bag. Then your new sleeping bag will be just perfect for you and your needs.

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