Fun Things: A variety of amusements and ideas for fun and leisure enjoyment.
diamond button Weekend fun and adventure - Short descriptions of how to get your kicks.
diamond button Things to do on a date - A list and a link to more.
diamond button Science demononstrations - Dozens of easy to do 'tricks'.
diamond button Jokes - 20 or so jokes. Ought to be good for at least a few smiles.
diamond button Inspirational quotes and quips - About 20 quotes offering wit and practical philosophy.
diamond button Amazing facts - 30 some examples of some of the wonders of our world.
diamond button Interesting facts - 17 impressive and fun to know pieces of information.
diamond button Tooky's musings - an interesting mixture of what is true and what is not true. You decide which is which.
diamond button Riddles - Most of these seem unsolvable. When you are given the answer, you wonder why they seemed so difficult.
diamond button Puzzle - It's you against the puzzle. Take the challenge, then celebrate your victory. Or get over the defeat and mode up for the next challenge.
diamond button Download free music - Play the music on your computer or on any mp3 player with a flash drive input.
diamond button Noncomputer games - Non computer games that let you demonstrate abilities that are yours because you are human.
diamond button Logic games - Computer games that are online at LeisureIdeas.
diamond button Science ideas - Explanations of interesting, basic science concepts for the science enthusiast.
diamond button What to do for fun - descriptions of ways to have fun.
diamond button Easy Things To Make - Things you can make mostly with stuff you can find around the house. This link takes you to the web site.
Beings on the scene - Contributions from visitors to this site.
Beaner's section - Keeping in touch with self, mankind and the world.
Quizzes - Answer the 10 questions, get your score.
Surveys - Answer the question, see other people's answers.
Magic tricks/illusions - If you have some showmanship, you may want to try one of these.
Stunts - Strange or difficult feats such as stacking, balancing, quick movement, peculiar routines and etc.
Easy recipes - They're fun because they're unusual. They're good because you're not tired of them.
Weekend fun and adventure - Short articles giving how-to info on what to do for fun on weekends.
you can conjure ideas for having fun
The player within waits. Bring out the player to find what you enjoy...
make it fun.

diamond button Eat a garden home

During alert conptemplation we see a wise and dignified facet of the soul. Perhaps more than we know, the first step in building that part of the soul is allowing it to emerge.