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Homemade grape trellis
by Alan Detwiler April 12, 2013

Homemade grape trellis: 200130411

This arbor is made from locust posts and 60 amp aluminum electrical cable. Had the used cable at hand, saved from when my home's electrical service was upgraded. The locust post were already cut from when I was clearing land to make a space for a few fruit trees. Just set the post in 2-foot deep holes, cut a lenghth of locust for a cross piece and notched it into the post to keep it in place, then strung and wrapped the cable onto the posts. A couple of nails helps to hold the cable in place.

The grapes are concord. I freeze a quart or so each year for use anytime as wanted. Squeeze the grapes to separate out the center seeds/pulp, put the centers into a food processor and run until the gelatin-like pulp is liquified. Strain to remove the seeds. Then process the skins and pulp together with sugar and a little canola oil. It is relatively simple and tasty.

grape arbor: made from locust posts and 60 amp aluminum electrical cable.
cable wrapped around posts, anchor with nails, crosspiece to prevent posts from being pulling in

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