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Huge broccoli plants with no florets
by Alan Detwiler Sept 12, 2013

Huge broccoli plants - no florets: 200130912

There was plenty of rain most of this summer, most of July and August was unusually cool. The last week of August and, so far, the first two weeks of September have been drier than average. The weather may have had something to do with the unusual growth of the broccoli plants in my garden this year. The plants are huge, something like 4 feet across, but so far only two plants have had florets and those florets were paltry. The high organic content of the soil may have also contributed. Last year in the spring time, I buried a thick layer of leafs, grass, weeds, and other plant material about 6 inches deep where the broccoli is now growing. That plant material by now has likely mostly rotted to provide abundant nutrients to the broccoli.

I have hugh plants but very little edible produce, so far anyway. A couple of websites I checked said the condition can be caused by excessive nitrogen in the soil.

Hopefully, the plants will yet produce florets before the weather turns too cold. Otherwise, this could end up being yet another odd, unexpected occurance that can purplex and annoy but ultimately mostly just add a degree of challenge to gardening.

I'll try to update this post later in the season with info on whether the broccoli plants finally make themselves worthwhile.

Me in front of one of the huge broccoli plants, early September 2013.
4 feet across broccoli plants

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