preserving freezing butternut squash
March 2014, eastern Ohio, climate zone 6a

I had a bumper crop of butternut squash in 2013. Still have
a dozen or so left. They are on shelfs in an unheated basement.
This is about the time they quickly start to rot. It's time
to preserve them for use over the next few months.

The freezer is partly empty from using last years frozen
garden produce over the 2013/2014 winter. So, my plan is to
begin today, cooking the squash, packing it into 1/2 gallon,
cardboard, almond milk containers. I've used such containers
for freezing liquids before. This time I will try using them to
freeze the cooked butternut squash. The plan is to open each
needed container by separating the sealed joint at the top of
the carton, pack in squash pieces, and close the joint, holding
it closed with 3 or 4 paperclips.

Seems like a good plan. The containers pack into the freezer,
fitting close together to take up less space than round
containers. To use the squash I can take out a container, let it
thaw, remove about half of its contents to be used over a 5 or
so day period, and put the half full container back into the
freezer to be used later.

Update ?: