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Using a computer for recipes
by Alan Detwiler April 12, 2013

Using a computer for recipes: 200130413

I wanted a computer in my kitchen. A computer in the kitchen seemed the best way to keep recipes handy, find particular recipes, and modify or create recipes. There was no good place to put the monitor and keyboard, so I hung the monitor from the ceiling using coathanger wire. I put 2 screw hooks into ceiling joists above the monitor and one screw hook into a wall stud behind the monitor. Drilled a couple of holes at the top corner edges of the monitor in line with the monitor's center of gravity. Used the holes to attach clotheshanger wire to the monitor. A wire going to that screw hook in the wall keeps the monitor closer to the wall than it would otherwise hang. Mostly that is needed to keep it back out of the way. Set the keyboard on the microwave oven and the computer case on top of a cabinet sitting next to where the microwave sits. This is all in a relatively dimly lighted area so it's hard to see the coathanger wire. Makes it look like the monitor is floating there with nothing holding it up. Maybe I should tell people I have a computer- controlled microwave oven.

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