Gardening can be a worthwhile and enjoyable pursuit, providing food, exercize, satisfaction, and increased security. The efforts expended in producing homegrown food serves to greatly increase ones appreciation and enjoyment of the food. That is human nature. Knowing that you are achieving these benefits makes gardening a very rewarding endeavor.

Our food production and distribution system seems fairly secure. You never know, there are some plausible scenarios in which that system could be disrupted, perhaps severely so. It seems prudent to plan accordingly. Depending on your situation, gardening may be a part of such a plan.

It seems likely to me that food prices will rise, at least a little more than consumer prices in general. Rising energy prices, resource depletion, and water shortages - all will contribute. I would guess that if you are affluent on a global scale, it is likely you will not be severely impacted, at least not in the next several decades. If you are less than affluent, gardening might contribute very significantly to your financial capabilities.

Gardening is good for your health. The exercise is beneficial. You have easy, even obligatory, access to vegetables and fruit. The health benefits may be outstanding and far reaching.

Whenever I am gardening, all these factors and others, contribute to my feeling of doing something important and worthwhile. Yes, there are some tiring, muscle straining, tedious chores. And I have failures and setbacks. But life is like that. Perhaps, we can best increase pleasure and satisfaction by knowing and experiencing the pangs of the struggles to bring about improvement and prosperity.

Happy gardening,
Alan Detwiler