Cancer risk dietary factors
February 16, 2014
  by Gabe Mirkin, MD

Two recent studies link certain foods with increased risk for various

Prostate cancer, meat and dairy products: All men will develop prostate
cancer if they live long enough. However, more than 95 percent of men
with prostate cancer eventually die from some other cause, not from the
prostate cancer. Researchers have been unsuccessful in predicting which
men will have a benign disease and which will have the rapidly-
progressing, fatal type of prostate cancer. Researchers have also been
unable to associate prostate cancer with any type of infection, so they
often look for dietary factors. A review of 46 epidemiologic papers
shows that diets high in saturated fat, well-done meats or calcium are
associated with an increased risk for the type of prostate cancer that
kills. Fish and zinc appear to have no effect whatever (Eur J Cancer
Prev, 2014 Mar;23(2):96-109). Another report on a prospective study of
51,529 men in the Health Professionals Study found that eating red meat
and dairy product is associated with twice the risk for suffering
prostate cancer that kills (Cancer Causes Control, 2001 Aug;12(6):557-67).

Colon cancer and eggs: Risk for gastro-intestinal cancers may be
increased by regular consumption of eggs, according to a study in the
European Journal of Nutrition(February 6, 2014). The authors reviewed 44
tudies covering 424,867 people and 18,852 cases of cancer of the
stomach, intestines or colon. Those who ate eggs regularly had 1.15
times the total gastrointestinal cancer rate, and they suffered 1.29 the
rate for colon cancers