Folic acid and altzheimers disease
Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

Alzheimer's disease means that a person loses his ability to reason and think and 
eventually dies of not being able to use his mind. Dr. David Snowden has published 
s disease have low blood levels of the vitamin folic acid and high levels of the 
protein building block homocysteine.

He reported previously that the nuns who were most likely to suffer Alzheimer's 
disease had ministrokes. This extraordinarily well done study shows that not eating 
enough leafy greens can deprive you of the vitamin folic acid, which raises brain 
levels of homocysteine, that punches holes in arteries and causes plaques to form 
in them to cause ministrokes, which damage your brain so you can't recognize your 
loved ones. 

In 1942, the US Government passed a law requiring all flour products that cross 
state lines to have three vitamins, thiamine, niacin and riboflavin added back in. 
In 1994, the government required folic acid to be added back in. In the 1960s, 
Kilmer McCully was fired by Harvard Medical School because he had the nerve to 
state that lack of vitamin B12 and folic acid causes heart attacks and strokes. 
He was forced to leave the prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital for a small 
hospital in Rhode Island because he preached what other doctors called quackery. 
Today, his theories are solid and the quack is now a respected prophet.

Methionine is an essential protein building block that your body uses to make 
another nonessential building block called cysteine. If you lack any of the 
three vitamins: B12, folic acid or pyridoxine, methionine is converted to a 
poison called homocysteine that damages arteries and causes strokes and heart 
attacks. Eating a diet that is rich in meat and low in leafy green vegetables 
and whole grains can cause Alzheimer's disease. Meat is one of the richest 
sources of methionine and leafy greens and whole grains are full of folic acid 
that prevents methionine from being converted to homocysteine. Loading up on 
methionine from meat and not eating folic acid converts methionine to 
homocysteine that causes ministrokes.

Reducing your intake of meat and chicken lowers your intake of methionine. 
Folic acid is found everywhere in nature that you get carbohydrates, because 
folic acid helps your body convert carbohydrates to energy. You help to prevent 
Alzheimer's disease by getting folic acid from all whole grains and fortified 
cereals, leafy green vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts, and most plants and 
reducing your intake of methionine by eating less meat and chicken. If 
homocysteine remains above 100, take folic acid, pyridoxine and B12 (readily 
available in combination pills such as Foltex or Fol-B.)