Grapes Prevent Heart Attacks 

Grapes Prevent Heart Attacks?

Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

A study from France shows that drinking wine regularly helps prevent 
second heart attacks, while a study from the University of 
Connecticut shows that the source of protection may be a chemical in 
grapes, and not the wine itself. In the first study, half of 350 
heart attack victims were placed on a typical high-fat Western diet 
and half ate the plant-based Mediterranean Diet. In both groups, 
wine drinkers had 59 percent fewer second heart attacks (1). 

The second study showed that a standardized grape extract with no 
alcohol prevented heart muscle damage in rats, but only at a dose of 
100 or more mg per kilogram of body weight. The authors showed that 
standard grape extract reduced heart levels of malonaldehyde, 
superoxide, and hydroxyl radicals in rats, signifying powerful 
antioxidant activity when the heart muscle of rats can't get enough 
oxygen. Prevention of heart attacks may come from the grapes and not 
the alcohol. 

1) September 17, 2002 Circulation.

2) Cardioprotection with grapes. Journal of Cardiovascular 
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Checked 6/3/12