High Blood Sugar Linked to Enlarged Prostate
High Blood Sugar Linked to Enlarged Prostate

A review of 18 medical studies shows that metabolic 
syndrome increases risk of a man developing benign prostatic 
enlargement (European Urology. Feb 5, 2013;61:560).  Men with 
three or more components of metabolic syndrome have an 80 percent 
increased risk of benign prostatic hypertrophy.  Metabolic 
syndrome means that you already have cell damage that is caused 
by high blood sugar levels and are at increased risk for heart 
attacks, certain cancers and premature death.
YOU HAVE METABOLIC SYNDROME if you have any three of 
the following:
* storing fat primarily in your belly 
* having small hips
* being overweight 
* having blood triglycerides (>150)
* having blood HDL cholesterol (<40)
* having a fatty liver 
* having a fasting blood sugar >100 (HbA1c> 5.7)
* having high insulin levels
* having high blood pressure
BENIGN ENLARGED PROSTATE: Fifty percent of men over age 50 
and 80 percent over 80 suffer from benign prostatic hypertrophy.  
You probably have benign prostatic hypertrophy if you are a man 
who gets up more than once a night to urinate, have difficulty 
starting your stream, cannot fully empty your bladder, feel like 
you still have to urinate after you finish urinating, or urinate 
frequently during the day. 
1) Avoid overweight.  
2) Do not take sugared drinks in any form, including fruit 
   juices, except during prolonged intense exercise.    
3) Avoid foods with added sugar. 
4) Avoid fried foods. 
5) Eat large amounts of fruits & vegetables.   
6) Do not eat red meat (blocks insulin receptors). 
7) Exercise.  
8) Grow muscle. 
9) Reduce body fat. 
10) Keep blood levels of hydroxy-vitamin D over 75 nmol/L.