How food grows larger muscles
How food grows larger muscles

How Food Grows Larger Muscles
Eating foods rich in sugar and protein within an
hour after you finish lifting weights helps you
grow larger and stronger muscles (Journal of the
International Society of Sports Nutrition,
December 2012;9(1):54).
To make muscles grow larger and stronger, you
have to exercise so intensely that your muscle
burn while you are lifting weights and they
should feel sore eight to 24 hours later. The
soreness means that you have exercised intensely
enough to damage the muscles. When they heal,
they will be stronger than before you damaged
them. While your muscles are sore from a
previous workout, you must go easy on your
muscles and lift much lighter weights.
So to grow stronger, you take a workout hard
enough to damage your muscles and feel sore the
next day. Then you take easy workouts and lift
much lighter weights until the soreness goes
away. Lifting heavy weights when your muscles
are sore from a previous workout can cause
injuries and then you wont be able to lift at
Athletes do not stop exercising when their
muscles feel sore. If they did, their muscles
would not be as fibrous and tough and they
would not be able to lift as heavy weights on
their hard days.
All training is done by stressing and
recovering. The more often you can take intense
workouts, the stronger you become and the better
you perform in your sport. So anything that
helps you recover faster will make you a better
athlete. The fastest way to recover from an
intense workout is to eat foods rich in both
protein and sugar within an hour of finishing
your intense workout.
Resting muscles respond poorly to insulin.
Contracting muscles are much more sensitive to
insulin than resting muscles. You get your
maximum insulin sensitivity when you exercise
intensely. This effect lasts during intense
exercise and for up to an hour after you finish
exercising. You lose the increased insulin
sensitivity very rapidly an hour after you
finish exercising and you lose it completely
after about 17 hours.
A high carbohydrate meal causes your pancreas to
release large amounts of insulin. Insulin drives
sugar and protein into muscles. The more protein
that insulin can drive into muscles after you
finish exercising, the faster muscles heal and
the sooner you can take your next intense
workout. So immediately after you finish your
intense workout, take a sugar-protein meal.