Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

Three recent studies show that short chain fatty acids made in your 
colon when you eat certain foods help prevent and treat colon 

The first study showed that colon cancer cells, removed from 
patients at the time of surgery, reverted towards normal when they 
were placed in a media containing short chain fatty acids (1). The 
second study shows that short chain fatty acids causes the growth of 
good bacteria that heal intestinal linings and prevent cancer (2). 
And the third paper shows that germinated barley helps good bacteria 
grow in the colon, that help to heal the damage of ulcerative 
colitis (3). 

These articles confirm the theory that a diet rich in undigestible 
starch helps prevent colon cancer. Whole grains and many other 
high-fiber foods contain starches that cannot be absorbed in the 
upper intestines, so they pass to the colon where they are broken 
down by good bacteria to form short-chain fatty acids that cause the 
intestinal lining to heal and also help prevent colon cancer. These 
nonabsorbable starches also cause growth of the good bacteria that 
break them down into short-chain fatty acids.

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Checked 5/3/07