Oats Help to Prevent Heart Attacks by Lowering Cholesterol.txt
Oats Help to Prevent Heart Attacks by Lowering Cholesterol

Men and women who took 100 grams of OAT cereal a day had far greater 
improvement in their blood tests to measure risk factors for heart 
attacks than a group who took 100 grams of WHEAT flour-based noodles 
daily for 6 weeks (Nutrition Journal, August 2012;11:54). Those 
taking oat cereals daily had lower total cholesterol and the bad 
LDL-cholesterol, and a greater reduction in the circumference around 
their bellies.

Oats are a much richer source of soluble fiber than wheat. Soluble 
fiber cannot be absorbed, so it passes to the colon where bacteria 
ferment it to change the soluble fiber into short chain fatty acids 
that are absorbed through the walls of the colon, pass into the 
bloodstream, and then pass to the liver where they markedly reduce 
the liver's ability to make cholesterol.