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The most interesting web sites I've lately come upon:

Explore Science -- Simulations of science demonstrations, you set such things as speed, time and distance. Requires Shockwave plug-in. Many parts require having had a high school class in physics, but is worth the visit for anyone with a curiosity about science.

Fleeting Glimpse--Has a tutorial on learning to juggle using 3 balls.

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut--A familar story told in a disguised way. This might give you more compassion for the hearing impaired. Requires Real Audio.

How Stuff Works -- About 200 mostly short, concise articles explaining the function and/or design of machines and apparatus. Also gives explanations of various concepts and processes that you likely have wondered about at one time or other.

Anthony's Kite Workshop-- Has plans for kites you can make and links to other web sites with plans and/or pictures.

Kozmos Snapshots from a Virual Life-- Has a new single panel newspaper comic style cartoon 5 days a week. Kozmo cartoon archives

National Public Radio-- Hourly news, news and reports on a variety of topics such as international affairs, scientific discoveries, governmental policies, envoirnmental issues, human interests and entertainments. Most can be listened to using Real Audio.

Public Broadcasting System-- You can see a listing of what television show are on your local PBS tv station. Click on TV Schedules to see a listing with show times. I don't like most of the shows, but there are a few that for me are the best shows on television.

Exotic Paper Airplanes-- Has 9 designs with folding instructions. Exotic Paper Airplanes

Dating Review-- Leading internet dating services reviewed and rated. Dating tips & articles, free dating newsletter. Dating Review

MakeGizmos-- Simple, hands-on building projects: improvised and homemade devices. For young teens and up.

Marine Stewardship Council-- Has a list of fish for consumers to choose from in order to not deplete the supply of fish to people who depend upon fish as a food source or livelihood.

Below is a list of suggestions for things you may at times want to look for on the internet.

search engine
local newspaper
local theater shows and show times
sports team information
hobby information
local library hours, catalog
music group info
web site to purchase cds
place to purchase books
place to purchase clothes
local tv station programs and show times
ideas for things to do
how to make gizmos and devices(if you like to tinker)
school stuff(science projects, reports and etc.)
info on something you are curious about

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