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The United States is second in the world for the number of people per capita in prison.
Interesting Facts about our World

In 1883, the explosion of the volcano Krakatoa put so much dust into the atmosphere that sunsets appeared green and the moon appeared blue around the world for almost two years.
source: Science Made Simple

The Earth's surface temperature has increased by almost 0.7°C since the beginning of this century. The 10 warmest years since the mid-1800's, when people began keeping records, have all occurred since 1983.
source: Science Made Simple

The largest visible meteorite crater in the world is in Winslow, Arizona. 4,150 feet across and 150 feet deep.

How do potato beetles find the potato plants in someones garden? To a potato beetle the odor of the potato plants is like an advertisement for a free meal of their favorite food. They may feel like you do when you go into a kitchen where someone is cooking a feast. But the potato beetle uses its antenna to sense odor, people use their noses.
source: Ranger Rich magazine March 1998

Bird droppings are white because they contain the chemical uric (YUR-ik) acid. Uric acid is a waste product of an animal's body that must be gotten rid of. Mammals eliminate uric acid by passing it out of their bodies in urine. For birds, reptiles and insects it is passed out along with other waste from the intestines.
source:Ranger Rick magazine November 1996

About 600 species of plants are carnivorous. Most eat insects but also on the menu are frogs, birds and even small monkeys. About 90 per cent of the population of carnivorous plants that once lived in the United States has been destroyed from the building of shopping malls, farms and other activities of humans.
source:Science World magazine, October 18, 1996

Merry melody -- The tune of The Star Spangled Banner was an old English drinking song . It was not made the official national anthem until 1931.

Insects where we don't want them -- You might be eating about a pound of insects in a year. Pieces of bugs are found in many foods. It's just too difficult to keep food 100 per cent insect free.
source: National Geograph World

Tiny  mammal -- The smallest mammal in the world is the bumblebee bat from Asia. It weighs less than a penny!
source: Ranger Rick Magazine

Brainy animal -- Dolphins have bigger brains than the brains of humans..

Insect noises -- Insects do not make noises with their voices. The noise of bees, mosquitos and other buzzing insects is caused by rapidly moving wings. The loud sound of cicadas comes from rapidly moving tambourine-like structures on the cicada's abdomen. Crickets rub the underside of one wing against the upper front edge of the other.
source: American Boy's Treasury of Sports, Hobbies and Games by Stanely Pashko and Pets in a Jar by Seymour Simon

The world's fastest flying insect is a kind of horsefly. It can zoom along at 90 miles per hour.
source: Ranger Rick Magazine

A person can expect to breathe in about 40 pounds of dust over their lifetime.
source: Bill Nye the Science Guy

Crab protectors -- Anemones (uh NEM uh knees) are a particular animal that live in the sea. They look much like plants and have stinging tentacles. Some crabs protect themselves by attaching anemones to their claws.
source:Usborne Facts and Fun About Animals and Science

In some parts of the world algae living in the snow turn the snow red in the spring.

Most bats feed upon insects. Bats are an important factor in controlling the population of insects. One out of every four mammals in the world is a bat.
source:Usborne Facts and Fun About Animals and Science

What are eyebrows for? -- It is believed that their main purpose is to keep sweat out of the eyes.
source: Usborne Facts and Fun About Animals and Science

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