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Coffee can be more than ordinary - bold recipes to jog your awareness and maybe nuture your health.

To enjoy your morning coffee more, keep trying new flavor ingredients added to that tasty morning indulgence. Below are a few coffee recipes that likely will give you a coffee-experience different from the familar flavor you are maybe a little too used to. Tasting new flavors heightens your attention to the experience. Try ununusual ways of enjoying coffee other than the familar black liquid.

Try the recipes. If you want more, below the recipes is a PayPal emblem to click on. $2 gets you 50 plus recipes in a text file format that can be openned in just about any word processing program including Notepad. That way it is easy to make changes to the recipes. You can easily change recipes to suit your taste, change a recipe if you get tired of it, add recipes - whatever. If you have a computer in your kitchen, you could save the file on that computer and fire up the computer when you want a coffee recipe.

Good taste is a moving target: you gotta move with the target to keep your awareness levels up, these recipes take some preparation time, use unfamilar ingredient combinations and some use uncommon preparation methods. That can be disconcerting at times, but it's the best way to energize the brain's 'taste-and-enjoy' circuits. If a recipe calls for an ingredient not available where you normally shop, you can try this list of sources for healthy foods online.

Most ingredients are basic, healthy foods like fresh or dried or powdered fruit, vegetables, grain, beans, and nuts. The most used ingredients are instant coffee, roasted ground coffee, parsley, cilantro, broccoli, butternut squash, spinach, arugula, grain flour, peanuts, peanut butter, fava bean flour, non roasted sunflower seeds, California walnuts, pecan, hazelnuts, sugar, aspartame sweetner, and salt. A few of the recipes use more uncommon ingredients such as non roasted coffee beans, non roasted peanuts, powdered apple fiber, spinach powder, chestnut flour, and powdered dried carrots. If you do not have the needed ingredients and they are not available at a local store, use the next link to find online sources. The dried and powdered ingredients are Very easy to use, easy to store, nutritious, more economical than fresh, good tasting when used in an apealing recipe. Most of the recipes require the use of a blender. Many of the recipes require the use of a wire mesh strainer. Some recipes require the use of a coffee press (see link for finding an online source). Most recipes take 30 minutes including the time needed to drink or eat the food.



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CONTENTS: Easy recipes unusual enough to be interesting

Coffee pear arugula drink -- Ten ounce coffee drink with a small amount of fruit and green leafy vegetable flavorings mellowed with grain, seed, and bean.
Hypo-hydro coffee prebreakfast -- Coffee bean, wheat, and sesame seed butter biscuit, makes a nice small snack when it's 3 hours until breakfast.
Grinds and rolled oats -- Basically, cold cereal and fruit, no milk, coffee flavor. 11-07-04
Grinds and rinds, or grotesque black lumpy goop that taste good -- used coffee grinds, finely chopped orange peel, and other tasty stuff. 05-20-06
Coffee squash grain seed -- An 8-ounce, slightly thickened drink. Pulverize in a blender: 1 half ounce butternut squash and 2 teaspoons each of grain flour and no hull sunflower seed, add instant coffee powder and sugar. Definitely: bittersweet, coffee flavored; moderate squash flavor. 20091216g
Custom roasted coffee -- Roast and grind coffee beans for unique flavors that grab your attention and keep your coffee drink tasting good. 20100107
Waterless coffee breakfast -- Coffee biscuit chunks coated with a dip flavored with tomato, broccoli, sugar, and sunflower seed. 20071216b


Easy Recipes Unusual Enough To Be Interesting
Coffee pear arugula drink: 20090114
Soak the 1 tablespoon sunflower seed, and 1 teaspoon rolled or cut oats or wheat flour, 24 hours in 1 tablespoon water.
1 half ounce pear, core and peel removed  (this trial)
  or 1 (about .2 ounce) ground cherry 
  or 5 raisins
1 sixteenth ounce (the amount that can be squeezed together to make a marble size clump, 1 half of a medium leaf) arugula (this trial)
  or 1 quarter ounce broccoli florett 
  or 1 half ounce (1 quarter cup chopped into 1 quarter inch pieces   or 1 tablespoon densely packed frozen) fresh or frozen spinach 
  or 1 half ounce kolrabi greens 
  or 1 half teaspoon fine spinach powder
  or 1 half ounce butternut squash
  or 1 ounce mild carrot 
  or 1 half teaspoon fine carrot powder
1 teaspoon fava bean flour 
  or about 5 large non roasted skinless peanuts or 10 small non roasted skinless peanuts (this trial)
  or 1 quarter teaspoon roasted peanut butter 
  or 1 teaspoon roasted or non roasted chestnut flour 
2 teaspoons rolled oats (steel cut does not go through strainer as well, but might be okay to use),
  or 1 teaspoon grain flour (this trial)
1 half of a California walnut meat (this trial)
  or 1 teaspoon non roasted sunflower seeds
1 half cup water
Put all above ingredients except pear into a 1 half cup or 1 cup blender (1 half cup blender may pulverize peanuts quicker). Run the blender 4 minutes.

Pour the slurry into a fine wire mesh strainer placed over a 3 cup bowl.

Tap the strainer downward to jog liquid through the mesh.

Use a large spoon to press liquid through strainer.

Discard the pulp.

Rinse the strainer.

Put the liquid back into the blender.

Add 1 half ounce pear.

Run the blender 2 minutes.

Pour the liquid into the strainer placed over a wide mug, do not tap or press the solids.

Discard solids.

Have the liquid into a coffee mug.

Add as much water as needed to yield about 10 ounces of coffee drink.

Add 1 heaping teaspoon instant coffee and 4 packets aspartame.


Heat 1 minute to 2 minutes in a 1000 watt microwave oven.

good, prominently: bitter/sweet, coffee flavored; mildly starchy; slightly arugula flavored; barely noticeable: peanut, nut, and pear flavors.

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Hypo-hydro coffee prebreakfast: 20081202
1/8 cup (1 eighth ounce) roasted ground coffee
  or 1 tablespoon instant coffee
  or 1 eighth cup non roasted or custom barely roasted ground coffee beans
1/8 teaspoon (.015 ounce, negligible) orange juice concentrate
  or 1 half teaspoon orange juice and decrease water added
    below by 1 half teaspoon
  or 1 tablespoon apple sauce and decrease water added
    below to zero
1 tablespoon (1 quarter ounce) whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon (1 half ounce) tahini
  or 1 tablespoon sunflower seed butter
  or 1 tablespoon almond butter
  or 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  or 2 teaspoon canola oil plus 2 teaspoons whole grain flour
1 tablespoon (1 half ounce) sugar or brown sugar
1/2 pinch salt (75 milligrams, 1/64 teaspoon, .0025 ounces)
1 tablespoon (1 half ounce) water 
Combine and mix all ingredients in a small microwaveable bowl.
Form the batter into a ring shape with a 1 or 2 inch hole at the center to encourage even heating. Heat in a microwave oven until firm, 1 minute 35 seconds in a 1000 watt oven, 2 minutes 40 seconds in a 600 watt oven. Eat about 3 hours before breakfast.
Then drink 10 ounces hot water.
Ought to be good for at least several uses until you get tired of it. Then alter the recipe, for example, use brown sugar instead of white, use peanut butter instead of tahini, use custom roasted coffee, use honey instead of sugar, etc. Can also be eaten immediately after breakfast as a dessert.

At least one study found unfiltered coffee contributes to heart disease by raising colesterol.
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Grinds and rolled oats 09-28-06
1 tablespoon used coffee grinds 1 tablespoon tahini 1/4 cup dry rolled oats 3 ounces fresh Seckel pears 1/8 cup dried lentils 1/4 cup (1 ounce) unroasted sunflower seeds 1 teaspoon sugar Soak the lentils for 12 hours in twice their volume of water. Strain out the water. Put the coffe grinds, tahini and rolled oats into a bowl. Mix. Remove the cores from the pears. Cut the pears into 3/8 inch pieces. Combine all ingredients and stir.

A number of substitutions work well. Less sweet types of pears can be used. Use perhaps 4 ounces of the less sweet pear. Or use apple instead of pear. Instead of lentils, garbanzo beans can be used in the same way. Or use any type of canned bean. California walnuts (also known as white walnuts, Carpathian walnuts, English walnuts) can be used instead of sunflower seeds. As a substitute for the tahini (ground sesame seeds) use a tablespoon of canola oil and a tablespoon of whole wheat flour. Or use a tablespoon of canola oil mixed with a teaspoon of peanut butter. To make a smoother, less chewy version of this dish, use 1/4 cup whole wheat flour instead of rolled oats.

If you go through all the possible combinations of all the substitutions, you could probably try a different variation every morning for a month and still not go through all the combinations.
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Grinds and rinds
  or grotesque black lumpy goop that taste good:
1 teaspoon peanut butter
Shredded or finely chopped orange peel
  from 1/4 of an orange.
1 t canola oil
  or any edible vegetable oil
1 tablespoon chopped walnuts
1 t unsweetened no milk cocoa powder
  or if you like milk use the regular cocoa mix
  but I suppose   about a tablespoon would be needed
2 teaspoons sugar, well, maybe 3
2 T used coffee grinds 
If you have a food processor that is easy to clean, it's probably easiest to use it to finely chop the orange rind. Put all the other ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix. Add the chopped peel and mix again.
A quarter of an orange rind can be put into a baggy and frozen to keep it until needed.
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Coffee squash grain seed: 20091216g
Put into a 1 half cup blender:
1 half ounce butternut squash
2 teaspoons rolled oats
  or 2 teaspoons grain flour
2 teaspoons sunflower seeds
1 quarter cup water
1 pinch salt
Put into a blender:
 1 half ounce butternut squash,
 2 teaspoons rolled oats,
    or 2 teaspoons grain flour,
 2 teaspoons sunflower seeds,
 1 quarter cup, or so, water, and
 1 pinch salt

Run until smooth, about 4 minutes.

Pour the slurry into a 14 wire per inch strainer.

Tap the strainer downward against a bowl or the palm of your hand to jog liquid through the mesh.

Add enough water (about 1 half cup) to the slurry to make about 8 ounces and stir.

Rinse strainer.

Place strainer over another bowl or wide mug.

Pour slurry into strainer and tap downward.

Pour slurry into a mug.

Heat to desired temperature, perhaps 40 seconds to 1 minute 10 seconds.

Add 2 level teaspoons instant coffee and 3 packets aspartame sweetner.


Definitely: bittersweet, coffee flavored; moderate squash flavor; mildly starchy; slightly salty.
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Custom roasted coffee: 20100107
2 cups unroasted coffee beans
Brewed coffee made from very lightly roasted ground coffee beans has a unique flavor that you may enjoy much more than the more darkly roasted ground coffee sold in stores. And you can use it to create uniquely flavored drinks that include a variety of ingredients that could include nuts, grain, fruit, vegetables, beans, and other flavorings.

The next paragraph is how I roast coffee. I use an electric oven. Your oven may be different so check those beans for doneness during the process. I like a doneness that is definitely lighter in color than the lightest roast that can be found in stores. I try for a color about mid way between the darkest roasted peanuts and the lightest roasted coffee.

Spread 2 cups unroasted coffee beans, one layer of beans, on a metal baking tray, about 14 inches by 22 inches. Place in oven set at 350 degrees F. Do not preheat. After 30 minutes stir the beans and again spread one layer deep. Stir and spread 10 minutes later. In another 10 minutes remove beans from oven and allow to cool. Pulverize the beans to a coarse powder in a blender. Grind the coarse powder into a fine powder in a coffee grinder.

I use the blender to pregrind the coffee before using the coffee grinder just because it seems faster and saves some wear and tear on the coffee grinder. The oven is not preheated just because I don't want to wait for it to preheat.

To get started you need three things, unroasted coffee beans, a bean grinder, and a coffee press, probably about $85 dollars total. Walmart sells a couple of different coffee grinders.

Here's the cheap coffee press that I have been using for a couple of years now and seems to work well: Bodum Brazil 3-Cup Coffee Press - Black

For unroasted coffee
About $5 per pound plus whatever the UPS charge is.
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Waterless coffee breakfast
Tomato greens bean seed grain:
Ingredients in biscuit:
1 half ounce fresh broccoli
  or 1 half ounce fresh collards greens
  or 1 half ounce fresh swiss chard
  or must be leached (boil 40 minutes, drain):
  or 3 ounces fresh turnip greens
  or 3 ounces fress mustard greens
1/8 cup (.4 ounces) fine ground very
    lightly roasted (30 minutes at 
    350 degrees F.) coffee bean meal
  or 1/8 cup cappacino ground roasted coffee
  or 1/8 cup ground roasted drip coffee grinds
  or 1 tablespoon instant coffee
2 tablespoons (.5 ounce) whole corn flour
  or 2 tablespoon cornmeal
1 tablespoon (.5 ounce) sugar in cake

Ingredients in dip:
1/8 cup raw sunflower seed butter *(see note)
  or 2 tablespoons any nut or seed butter such
    as tahini 
  or 2 extra tablespoons whole wheat flour plus
    2 teaspoons canola oil 
1 eighth cup blanched skinless peanuts, process
    with broccoli
  or 1 tablespoon bean powder (fava, garbanzo, 
    soybean), add when adding grain flour
2 teaspoons sugar in topping
1 pinch salt,
1 ounce fresh tomato 
  or 1/4 apple (1-1/2 ounces)
  or 1/4 teaspoon orange juice concentrate
Put into a 1 cup blender: 1 half ounce broccoli and 1 quarter cup water.

Process into a smooth slurry, about 4 minutes.

Put the puree into a mixing bowl.

Into the mixing bowl with the greens put:
  1/8 cup coffee meal,
  1/8 cup bean flour,
  1/8 cup corn flour, and
  1 tablespoon sugar.


If the batter is thick enough:
Spoon the mixture onto a portion plate.

Flatten to cover the plate in a layer.
Form into a flattened donut shape by making a 2 inch diameter hole at the center.

Divide the batter equally into 3 3-inch diameter 1 half-cup bowls.
Place the bowls in a circle around the center of a microwave oven.

Heat until firm, 4 minutes 35 seconds in a 1000 watt oven on full power or 7 minutes 40 seconds in a 600 watt oven.

Add 5 seconds for oven to begin heating.

Add 20 seconds to heat dish.

To raise to boiling: 6 ounces X 20 seconds per ounce = 120 seconds.

Dry weight is total weight - water (6 - 4.4) = 1.6 ounces.

Water to leave in is (1 part water)/(3 parts dry weight) X dry weighth = 1/3 X 1.6 = .5 ounces.

Water to remove is total water - water left in (4.4 - .5) = 3.9 ounces.

To evaporate excess water: 46 seconds per ounce X 3.9 ounces water = 179 seconds.

To replace heat lost to air during boiling: 14 seconds per minute X 179/60 minutes = 42 plus 42/60 X 14 = 10 for a total of 52 seconds.

Chop 1 ounce tomato into 1/4 inch pieces.

Put the tomato and 1 to 2 teaspoons water into a micro blender, just enough so the slurry flows while blending.

Run until smooth.

Put into a 3-cup mixing bowl:
  1/8 cup sunflower seed butter,
  1 teaspoon sugar,
  1 pinch salt, and
  1 ounce tomato.

If the tomato is exceptionally tart and acid use 1/2 teaspoon extra sugar.

Mix until uniform.

Cut the cake away from the plate with a knife or spatula.

Cut/break the biscuit into 3 quarter-inch pieces.

Put the biscuit pieces into the bowl with the tomato seed mixture and stir.

Warm in microwave oven, if desired, about 20 seconds.

Moderate coffee flavor, bittersweetness, oiliness, tanginess; mild: broccoli flavor, tomato flavor, starchiness; slightly salty; chewy chunks coated with a pudding-consistency dip.

* To make sunflower seed butter:
Perhaps the most convenient way to make sunflower seed butter is to use a blender/processor of the type with a lidded container meant to be used for storage so the contents do not have to be transferred to a separate storage container, and that way there is no blender jar to clean. You can make enough to last a couple of weeks and keep it in the fridge.

If using a 1 cup blender, fill blender 1/2 full or so with raw, no hull sunflower seeds or put 1 cup sunflower seeds in a larger blender. Add enough oil to enable flow while processing, likely about enough oil to fill the air spaces in the sunflower seeds for about 2 thirds the seeds. Process about 2 minutes to 4 minutes or until the mixture seems to be about as smooth as it will get.
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