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Apple mustard green chestnut crumb:
3 ounces fresh mustard greens
2 teaspoons sugar
3 tablespoons chestnut flour
2 tablespoons boiled 30 percent oil non roasted
  sunflower seed butter 
  or 2 tablespoons non roasted tahini
  (or if seed butter not available, 1 tablespoon
  canola oil plus 2 tablespoons oat flour)
1 tablespoon 1 teaspoon apple fiber powder
  or 1 teaspoon whole apple powder plus 1 tablespoon oats flour
1 pinch salt
Remove the main leaf vein from about 4 ounces of mustard Greens, discard the leaf veins. You need to have 3 ounces Of leaf.

cut the 3 ounces greens into 1 inch pieces.

Put the greens pieces and 1 and one quarter cup water into a blender and run for 60 seconds after full flow begins.

Pour the greens slurry into a deep bowl with sides at least 4 inches higher than the level of the slurry.

Heat, uncovered in a 1000 watt microwave oven for 4 minutes 20 seconds or until fully boiling, watch for boil over last 60 seconds.

Remove as much water as possible from the mixture using coffee press, continue pressing for about 40 seconds, the last of the bitter water seeps out very slowly.

Stir the slaw and press again for 20 seconds.

Or pour the mixture into a fine (40 wires per inch strainer, press with a bowl to force out water, squeeze the slaw in a hand to force out more water.

Yield is 1 to 2 ounces slaw.

Put the greens slaw into a mixing bowl.

In separate bowl, mix 3 tablespoons chestnut flour and 1 tablespoon water.

Add 2 tablespoons sunflower seed butter (or 1 tablespoon canola oil plus 2 tablespoons oats flour and reduce full power heat time from 50 seconds to 40 seconds) and mix.

Heat, covered, to boiling hot, 50 seconds in a 1000 watt microwave oven, then heat 3 minutes on low.

Uncover and put the hot container in cold water to cool for a couple of minutes.

Put the greens into a 1 or two cup processor.

Add the chestnut curd and 2 teaspoons sugar to the processor and run until the seed curd has no pieces larger than about 1 eighth inch.

Put the processor's contents into a portion bowl.

Add 1 tablespoon 1 teaspoon apple fiber powder (or 1 tablespoon oats flour and 1 teaspoon full flavored apple powder), and 1 pinch salt.

Mix until uniform.

To reduce taste fatigue alternate eating the greens with another food such as roasted peanuts and a 1 or 2 ounce piece of raw fruit or vegetable.

Definite mustard greens flavor, definite chestnut flavor, some tanginess, a little sweetness, some oil and starch flavor, soft/moist consistency, moist crumb texture. Enough fiber to give it an interesting texture. Vitamin, mineral, and fiber rich to please your want to nourish your body.

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seek out the unusual Eating pleasure is increased when the food is a long time favorite and paradoxically, when the food is new to our experiences. Newness peaks our awareness. What is beyond our familar experiences has a special ability to give us pleasure.

Look beyond the familar for new foods to enjoy.