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New flavors energize the sense of taste. Eating a new food peaks awareness and intensifies the experience. Use new recipes to peak your pleasure  -  explore your tastes and expand your pleasure.

If a recipe calls for an ingredient not available where you normally shop, you can try this list of sources for uncommon foods and kitchen tools.
This page has recipes in four groups, those using:
chestnut flour
spinach powder
carrot powder
apple fiber powder

Recipes using chestnut flour

Bell pepper flax biscuit with Carrot chestnut sauce -- Thin biscuit flavored with bell pepper, spread with a slightly sweet carrot and chestnut sauce.

Chestnut and grain biscuit -- Chewy/crunchy, chestnut flavored, mildly sweet, pleasant starchiness.

Cilantro chestnut pudding -- Very moist, softer and moister than biscuit, firmer than pudding, definite cilantro flavor, moderately sweet, noticeable chestnut flavor, slightly bitter/biting.

Corn chestnut biscuit -- chewy, has the sweetness and flavor of chestnut and the rich starchiness and mild aroma of corn flour.

Carrot chestnut mash -- Prominent chestnut and carrot flavors, pleasantly sweet, oily, and starchy, mostly smooth, very moist, almost juicy..

Carrot top chestnut texture biscuit -- Definite carrot/chestnut flavor, slightly sweet, slightly pleasantly starchy, chewy, fibrous biscuit texture.

Green bean chestnut biscuit with Watercress pudding -- Texturous chestnut flavored biscuit with watercress flavored pudding/topping.

Green bean chestnut peanut wafer -- Tastes a little like toast, add a piece of fruit and a handful of trail mix for a whole meal.

Chestnut bean crumb -- Definite chestnut flavor. Slightly: sweet, starchy, salty, oily.

Carrot chestnut pudding with roasted peanuts -- Prominent carrot flavor, definite peanut flavor, sweet/tangy, slightly bitter/sharp.

Apple cilantro chestnut biscuit -- Unusual flavors, firm biscuit/muffin consistency/texture

Apple and greens chestnut biscuit -- chewy, sweet, tangy, slightly bitter/biting, definite chestnut flavor.

Apple chestnut crumb salad -- mildly: sweet, tangy, and bitter; easily noticeable squash/chestnut aroma, a little chewy, slightly chrunchy

Vegetable biscuit layer with Watercress topping -- Definite watercress flavor, slightly sweet, plenty of nutrition.

Chestnut and bean biscuit -- Good, reminds me of slightly sweet chicken and dumplings without salt.

Squash chestnut flax biscuit with Apple kale topping -- Reminds me of toast with red raspberry jam.

Squash flax chestnut biscuit and Apple kale topping -- Biscuit: prominent chestnut flavor, slightly sweet, moist but chewy at edges. Topping: moderately tangy/sweet, a little fibrous, moist and soft.

Squash chestnut biscuits -- Robust squash flavor, slightly sweet, a bit pleasantly starchy/oily, mostly soft, a little chewy.

Tomato bell pepper chestnut mash -- Tangy from the tomato, definite bell pepper flavor, stiff mash/pudding consistency.

Tomato spinach chestnut crumb -- Interesting new flavor/texture, similar to basil flavor.

Recipes using spinach powder

Greens and chestnut croutons, Greens and peanuts -- Croutons dish: definite chestnut flavor, chewy, slightly sweet, tangy, and moist.
Greens and peanuts: peanut flavor, pleasant slight sweetness and mild collard flavor, moist and chewy.

Tangy apple and spinach biscuit -- Bitter/sweet/sour/tangy, mild spinach flavor, firm biscuit consistency.

Apple greens pudding with chestnut crumb crust -- Sweet, tangy, moderate spinach flavor, chewy layer at top, rest very moist and pudding-like.

Apple soft with Grain crumb crust -- Fruit bottom: tangy/sweet, very moist and soft like turkey stuffing.
Crumb crust: roasted grain flavor, mostly dry/crumbly with chewy areas.

Robust spinach thick pudding -- Robust spinach flavor, bitter/ sweet with a little tanginess, texture is mostly smooth with slight chewiness at edges, very thick pudding consistency.

Apple spinach cookie -- Tangy, bitter/sweet, definite apple and spinach flavors.

Thick apple spinach pudding with chestnut crumb crust -- Bottom fruit layer: bitter/tangy/sweet/ starchy, stiffer than turkey stuffing.
Top crumb layer: chewy, slightly crunchy, like an animal cracker only more powdery, more easily crushed.

Apple carrot pudding with chestnut spinach crumb crust -- Unusual flavor, unusual texture combination, robust spinach flavor, tangy, sweet, starchy; very soft and moist areas and dry powdery areas and relatively firm/chewy areas.

Apple spinach/chestnut cookie -- Definite apple flavor, soft and moist biscuit texture, tangy, a little sweet, pleasant moderate starch flavor, the spinach and chestnut flavors are are coalesced into a synergistic, enjoyable flavor.

Apple spinach squash pudding -- Bitter/sweet, definite spinach flavor, thick pudding consistency.

Pear and spinach pudding with chewy chestnut top -- Definite roasted flavor, a little: tangy, sweet; slightly bitter, noticeable spinach flavor, top layer very firm and chewy/crunchy.

Pear, greens and chestnut crumb -- Moderately tangy and sweet, slightly bitter, chestnut flavor noticeable, bottom layer is mostly soft and moist like turkey stuffing, top crust is most powdery and crumbly.

> Green chewy dry oats and beans -- Robust spinach flavor, very chewy, nice starchy flavor, tastes like it has added salt, somewhat like granola.

Green gump with peanuts and Green gump with chestnut< -- Tasty spinach pudding, half with flavorful chestnut croutons, half with chewy>
Spinach chestnut crumb -- Unusual flavor/texture. Flavor similar to tomato paste and basil.

Sprouts and spinach salad -- A little tang from the tomato; moderate spinach flavor; and chewiness from the squash and sprouted grain.

Recipes using carrot powder

Broccoli pea biscuit ring with Apple carrot pate -- Broccoli cake: pleasantly and mildly bitter/sweet with mild broccoli flavor.
Apple/carrot pudding: sweet and flavorful enough to be a dessert.

Broccoli chestnut biscuit and Apple carrot pate -- Cake: pleasant mild bitter/sweet taste, mild broccoli and chestnut flavors. Apple/carrot pate: sweet and flavorful enough for a dessert.

Carrot flax bran biscuit and Cilantro pate -- Biscuit: definite chestnut and pea flavors, mildly sweet. Cilantro seed pudding: mild but definite cilantro flavor, pleasantly oily, dessert-like.

Cranberry pumpkin chestnut pudding -- Tangy from the cranberry, definite chestnut flavor, smooth, pudding consistency.

Mackerel asparagus loaf with Apple peanut cookie -- Mackerel asparagus biscuit: mild mackerel/asparagus flavors in a chewy biscuit. Peanut/apple cookie: prominent roasted flavor, a little sweet, oily, starchy, salty, and chewy.

Apple carrot mash -- Sweet and flavorful enough to be a dessert, looks a good bit like roasted peanut butter.

Chestnut biscuit and Watercress/collard spread  -- Cake is very firm and chewy. Pleasant sweet and sour flavor with a hint of watercress. Pate is tangy/sweet, with prominent watercress flavor.

Chestnut biscuit and Watercress/collard spread -- Chewy chestnut flavored biscuit and a tangy/sweet spread with prominent watercress flavor.

Recipes using apple powder

Cucumber ring cookie with Blueberry pudding - Mild/tangy blueberry flavor in the topping, some chewiness from the biscuit

Apple broccoli ring biscuit - Mildly sweet, slightly sharp, just a little chewy

Beet top/chestnut biscuit - Prominent chestnut flavor, mildly sweet, slightly tangy from the apple, and a little pleasant starchiness from the chestnut and grain flours, mostly soft, slightly chewy

Apple and seed meal with cocoa and peanuts - Interesting and unique flavor, a bit like raisins, the apple and chocolate combination makes a new flavor

Apple collards watercress pudding and Peanut flax cake - Pudding has moderate watercress flavor and tang from apple served with a peanut and flax flavored boldly textured biscuit

Apple cilantro pate - Oat and walnut flavors, tangy, sweet, soft, moist; enough flavor and tang to be dessert-like.

Apple cilantro bran biscuit ring - Unusual flavors. Flavorful, chewy, texturous, ring shaped biscuit.

Apple cilantro paste - Very: soft, smooth, sweet; dessert-like

Apple carrot pate with Pea chestnut croutans - Makes enough for an entire lunch or light supper.

Apple carrot sunflower seed paste - Sweet and tangy and dessert-like

apple carrot seed pate - Looks like peanut butter, sweet and flavorful enough to be a dessert

Carrot top chewy biscuit - prominent carrot flavor, chewy, somewhat sweet, slightly tangy, pleasantly starchy and oily, somewhat fibrous, biscuit-like texture

dandelion pesto - About the firmness of mashed potatoes, flavorful, sweet, pleasantly oily, a little tangy.

Vegetable mackerel biscuit with Concord grape pudding - Biscuit has mild carrot and mackerel flavors; pudding moderately sweet/sour/tangy, definite grape flavor, firm but very moist, mostly smooth, denser than most cakes, looks and tastes something like soft chocolate ice cream

Apple mache pate dessert - Sweet, oily, slightly tangy, calorie desense, dessert-like

Apple mustard green pate - Slightly sweet, enjoyable oiliness and taste of walnut and a bit of pleasant starchiness from the oats. Vitamin, mineral, and fiber rich

Apple mustard green chestnut crumb - Definite mustard greens flavor, definite chestnut flavor, some tanginess, a little sweetness, some oil and starch flavor, moist crumb texture. Enough fiber to give it an interesting texture

Apple/greens/nut slaw - Has the flavors of apple, mustard greens, and walnuts. Fine textured slaw, slightly juice to non juicy.

Carrot top apple raisin moist slaw - Fiber textured, slightly chewy, moist slaw. Apple and raisin tanginess with mild, pleasant oiliness and starchiness.

Apple raisin mache slaw - Very fine slaw texture, moist to non moist. Tangy, mildly sweet, noticeable oat and mache flavors.

Apple raisin greens mash - Fine textured moist slaw. Pleasantly sweet and oily, mustard flavored, mildly tangy.

Apple squash raisin mash - Semi granular texture similar to turkey stuffing. Definite squash flavor, tanginess from the apple and raisin.

Cucumber grain biscuit with Blueberry topping - Biscuit: cornbread-like aroma, typical biscuit consistency/texture, pleasant starchiness. Topping: sweet/tart, definite blueberry flavor, smooth.

Blackberry apple seed grain pudding with potato flax biscuit - Biscuit: mild potato and mackerel flavors, mild salty taste. Pudding: moderately sweet, tangy, dessert-like.

Broccoli grain flax cake and Apple carrot topping - Cake: pleasantly and mildly bittersweet, mild broccoli flavor. Ppudding: sweet and flavorful enough to be a dessert.

Broccoli chestnut biscuit and Apple carrot pate - Biscuit: Definite broccoli and chestnut flavors, pleasantly slightly: sweet, oily, starchy. Patte: good as a dessert, plenty sweet and satisfying.

Bean chestnut biscuit ring with Collards slaw - Biscuit: mild flavors, fiber-rich, chewy, definite chestnut flavor. Slaw: fine texture, moist, mild collard and honey flavors, slightly sweet, slightly tangy, pleasantly oily.

Mackerel carrot biscuit and Peach apple pudding - Biscuit: carrot flavor prominent, mackerel contributes to the flavor, satisfying starchiness, pleasing oiliness. Pudding: Definite peach flavor, noticeable oats flavor, moderately sweet, a little tangy.

Blackberry apple pudding with Mackerel potato biscuit - Pudding: moderately sweet, tangy, dessert. Cake: intense potato and definite mackerel flavors, pleasantly salty, very chewy.

> Mackerel salsify biscuit with Blueberry apple pudding - Biscuit: Flavor similar to both mackerel and oyster, pleasantly starchy, consistency varies from thick pudding to moist biscuit.

Pudding: mildly sweet, definite peach flavor, tangy.

Mackerel squash biscuit and Apple basil pudding - Pudding: prominent basil flavor, sweet, slightly bitter, thick pudding consistency. Biscuit: prominent mackerel flavor, slightly salty, slightly sweet, mild squash flavor, somewhat chewy.

Potato flax wafer with Apple watercress pate - Cake: definite potato flavor. Pudding: prominent watercress flavor.

Chestnut flax biscuit ring and Fruit pudding - Cake: prominent chestnut flavor, very chewy. Pudding: Definite spinach flavor, flavorful, mildly sweet and tangy, smooth.

Squash flax biscuit ring and Apple kale slaw - Biscuit: definite squash flavor, noticeable lentil flavor, a little chewy/texturous. Slaw: very fine slaw texture, definite kale flavor, tangy.

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