Whole foods recipes to nuture your health, jog your awareness, and

Pursue The Yum.
In tribute to Popeye
   or What's on my table makes me more able.
by Alan Detwiler

I'm changing my eating
- good health is so fleeting.

I have been scheming
To eat what makes me most beaming.

A recipe is a beginning to max up my pleasure,
Evolution and tweaking work in my favor.

Not numbed by the too familar, hunting like a fox,
Body least twinkie burnt and poptart toxed.

My trials and efforts form into passions,
My tastes and my pleasures not hindered by fashion.

Eat bold, eat better, enjoyment is the reward;
Health and pleasure, two faces on one high card.

Keep changing for the better.
That's a pleasure to not fetter.

Use logic and taste to form your desire,
As air with wood, can blend to make fire.

The lessons of the past and the logic of now
Give you empowering presents of what and how.

There are presently 5 groups of recipes at Most of the recipes in all groups are relatively healthful and inexpensive.

If you do not have an ingredient or a particular preparation tool, you can try these two lists:
healthy foods online.
useful kitchen tools online.

High fiber high nutrient recipes - These can be prepared in 20 to 40 minutes and are typically low-calorie-density and high-nutrient-content. The recipes are for garden vegetables and whole food. Most use no animal products (flextarian). Suitable for vegans and anyone who is: cooking for one, health conscious, and wants recipes for unprocessed food, wants to enjoy the flavor of vegetables, fruit, and other whole foods. Provides gardeners with many recipes for each vegetable. Includes a section about pickling and fermenting greens and other vegetables.

The recipes rely mainly on the flavor of the vegetables and whole foods such as grain, whole grain flour, beans, seeds, and nuts. Spices are seldom used. Sugar, sometimes sweetener, oil, and salt are used to achieve good flavor and sufficient gratification.
 -  High fiber high nutrient recipes  -

Latest recipes - The recipes in the other four categories have been developed over the last twelve years or so. This group is mostly from the last two years or so. They tend to be a little simpler, oriented for a single person preparing enough portions to eat over a period of three to five days, use a pressure cooker and food processor, and have a mash consistency for better digestion. Most are high-fiber, high-nutrient, use whole foods, and are low in mammal products.
 -  Latest high fiber high nutrient recipes  -

Coffee recipes - Recipes for instant coffee powder, ground roast coffee, or unroasted non ground beans that you roast yourself to get the flavor that you like. Besides coffee and sweetner, ingredients are mostly healthy foods such as parsley, cilantro, broccoli, carrot, grape, pear, walnut, hazelnut, sunflower seed, peanuts and other fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, beans, and grains.
 -  Coffee recipes  -

Recipes for wild foods - Two groups of recipes so far in this category - elderberry recipes and blackberry recipes. Recipes use mostly healthy ingredients such as grain, seed, nuts, peanuts, beans, vegetables, and other fruits.
 -  Wild foods recipes  -

Recipes using a dried ingredient - These recipes include an ingredient that likely will not be available where you normally shop. Gardeners can make most of the ingredients from garden produce using a food dehydrator and blender. However, the ingredients are easily available by ordering from online sources. A link is provided to a page of retailers who ship their products to your home.
 -  Dried ingredient recipes  -

Hopefully, over the next several months I will add another section for food especially low in carbohydrates. That may be a diet regime that will help lessen the gout and arthritis that now make my feet somewhat painful. Years of fast-paced hiking up and down hills and stomping a shovel into hard, clayey soil has likely contributed.


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