Global Warming: Alarmists, Skeptics And Deniers; A Geoscientist looks at the Science of Climate Change, authors: Robinson, G Dedrick; Robinson III, Gene D.; Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC.

The earth's climate has been through many changes throughout geological history. The current warming is not unusual. On the contrary, it could be interpreted as a recovery from a recent cold period known as the Little Ice Age, roughly 1500 to 1850. A 1400 year period 8000 years ago was warmer than now. A period around the year 1000 was warmer than today. Evidence suggests that other warmer periods occurred in geological history.

CO2 levels do not correlate with temperature. There was a major ice age 450 million years ago when CO2 levels were much higher than today. CO2 levels have been much higher in the past than their present levels.

There are many concepts held by anthropogenic climate believers that are only part of the truth. Here are a few of the missing facts. The amount of CO2 going into the atmosphere by decay of plant materials and other natural processes is many times greater than the amount from burning fossil fuels. Anything that changes the humidity in the air by 2 percent will raise temperatures as much as a doubling of atmospheric CO2 content. Doubling of CO2 concentration will produce only a slight increase in temperature. For the United States, the 1930s have the largest number of record high temperatures.

The reasoning presented seems mostly logical and well thought out. Most of the text is understandable but a couple of passages are puzzling. Contains a few passages that seem doubtful or tenuous, when debunking particular tenets of antropogenic global warming theory and when questioning the motives of those who profess that theory. Illuminating for anyone who thinks the theory of global warming is settled science.

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