Preparing For A Widespread Disaster

There are at least seven global or widespread disasters that seem likely to occur at sometime in the future. The seven global disasters:

1). Very large volcanic eruptions.
2). An epidemic.
3). Crop failures due to plant diseases, climate change, or ozone depletion.
4). Climate changes.
5). Nuclear war.
6). Terrorist act.
7). Something unexpected.

There are many plausible scenarios for widespread catastrophes. These include such things as a large solar flare that shoots out radiation and charged particles toward the earth; an object such as a black hole passing close to the earth; and a technology accident such as a genetically modified organism being released into the environment. There are others.

Simple basic preparations could bring you through some calamity. Those efforts can be fun and interesting. The article describes what to do to prepare for disruptions. Many sources of additional information are given.


Summary by:
Alan Detwiler, author of Thrivers In An Uncertain Future; bio at