Synopsis of "Thriving In An Uncertain Future"

"Thriving In An Uncertain Future" is a fictional account of the near future. It is a story of likely changes that will require drastic adaptation. And it is a story about marvels that may unfold.

Climate change and resource depletion have caused great increases in the price of food, gasoline, and all other goods and services. Extreme climate and a pandemic add to the disruption. Claude and his group of friends adopt self-sufficiency and do what they can to prepare in advance before life becomes extreme.

Science continues to advance rapidly. We communicate with a civilization from another solar system and that exchange has tremendous promise. The two civilizations exchange DNA code and we are able to culture alien embryos and nuture and mature the aliens into adults who contribute to our advancement. Source:
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Alan Detwiler: rural resident, gardener, and advocate of self sufficiency and resilient living. Bio at