Synopsis of "Unk Eats A Garden And Thrives"

"Unk Eats A Garden And Thrives" is a fictional account of the near future. Self-sufficiency becomes especially important as resource depletion and climate change force prices greatly upward. Gardening and making-do with less become two popular strategies to cope with declining affluence.

Unk and his friend Junior Frye are both gardeners and health nuts. Unk is a bit extreme and believes gardening is essential to well-being. He grows most of his own food and eats only what he thinks is the most healthful food. Junior is more moderate and gets most of his food from the local grocery store. Unk and Junior have many conversations about their central beliefs, life in general, and what can make life better.

Unk planned and prepared years in advance as the cost of living increased and earnings declined. He lives well despite the economic challenges of highly inflated prices. He and Junior realize that spending power is not a measure of the quality of life. Planning and preparation along with a change in attitude are essential to making life the best it can be.

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Alan Detwiler: rural resident, gardener, and advocate of self sufficiency and resilient living. Bio at