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-- by Alan Detwiler
Our social interactions add meaning and pleasure to our lives. A romantic relationship can be especially rewarding and enjoyable. Having fun together strengthens the relationship and increases its rewards. And having fun is a worthy goal in itself - everybody wants to have fun. To help in your quest to experience pleasure and excitement from your particular social involvement, here is a list of books, the accumulated insight of many authors, each of whom has included his or her best ideas for satisfaction and enjoyment from being with a special someone.

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  1. Redbook's 500 Great Dates: Creative, Fun, and Sexy Ways to Spend Time Together
    Aurthor: Lisa Sussman
    Publisher: Hearst Books
    Pub. Date: June 2007
    ISBN-13: 9781588165626
    A variety of ways to enjoy time together - laid-back such as a planetarium show, adventuresome such as a canoe trip on a moonlite night, expensive and elegant such as a spa date, and activities that are basic, inexpensive opportunities to get acquainted or reacquainted. Includes advice for making the relationship resilent and more rewarding.

  2. The Everything Dating Book : How to Meet New People, Where to Go and What to Say--Make the Most of Every Date!
    Aurthor: Leah Furman, Elina Furman
    Publisher: Adams Media Corporation
    ISBN-13: 9780641851629
    Pub. Date: September 1999
    How to find romance and have fun in the process. Meeting people, planning the first date, date ideas, methods for maintaining the best attiude, and strategies to maximize dating experiences.

  3. I Can't Believe I'm Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating
    Aurthor: Evan Marc Katz
    Publisher: Ten Speed Press
    Pub. Date: March 2004
    ISBN-13: 9781580085717
    How to successfully post a profile online and maximaize the chances of getting the results you want. Choosing the best dating website, writing a profile, and what to say in that first email message, how to manage the first meeting.

  4. How to Date Your Wife
    Aurthor: Stan Cronin
    Publisher: Horizon Publishers & Distributors, Inc.
    Pub. Date: May 2005
    ISBN-13: 9780882907611
    How to keep the relationship lively and enjoyable. Ideas for interesting and exciting dates.

  5. Cheap Dates: Fun, Creative, and Romantic Dates That Won't Break Your Budget
    Aurthor: Steven C. Smith, Steven C. Smith
    Publisher: Random House Inc
    Pub. Date: June 2001
    ISBN-13: 9780761534143
    Sales Rank: 104,273
    Creative and affordable ways to have an entertaining and/or romantic and/or adventurous experience with your special someone. Among the suggestions are having a cafe-like meal on your patio, front porch or along the side walk of your residence - complete with a table for two, a centerpiece, and a menu. Includes a section of more elaborate dates for special occasions.

  6. Fun & Creative Dates for Married Couples: 52 Ways to Enjoy Life Together
    Aurthor: Howard Books
    Publisher: Howard Books
    Pub. Date: July 2008
    ISBN-13: 9781416564935
    Ideas to inspire you to have some fun and to enjoy some romance. Example ideas: a romantic carriage ride, backyard camping, and volunteer time that uplifts your sense of involvement in making life better.

  7. The It's Just Lunch Guide to Dating in America
    Aurthor: Andrea McGinty, Nancy Kirsch, Alana Beyer
    Publisher: 10 Finger Press
    Pub. Date: December 2004
    ISBN-13: 9781933174488
    Lists for every aspect of the dating process such as the ten best places that inspire your dating mood, the ten biggest dating blunders, and the most creative dates. A mini-dating guide for seventy cities. Includes advice for various aspects of dating. Ideas for things to do on a date.

  8. 2002 Things to Do on a Date: From the Fun, Sometimes Silly, Romantic to the Unique
    Aurthor: Cyndi Haynes, Dale Edwards, Dale Edwards
    Publisher: Adams Media Corporation
    Pub. Date: January 1999
    ISBN-13: 9781580620796
    A variety of ideas for things to do on a date such as: take a CPR class, rent a moped, or test-drive a luxury sports car. Includes ideas that can be the entire date and other ideas to punctuate your time together with brief but memorable moments.

  9. 365 Ways to Date Your Love: A Daily Guide to Creative Romance
    Aurthor: Tomima L. Edmark
    Publisher: Tapestry Press
    Pub. Date: February 1997
    ISBN-13: 9781930819245
    How to make romantic and surprising moments happen - to keep your relationship rewarding and fun.

  10. Fun & Creative Dates for Dating Couples: 52 Ways to Have Fun Together
    Aurthor: Howard Books (Created by)
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
    Pub. Date: July 2008
    ISBN-13: 9781416564966
    Ideas for all kinds of dates to celebrate your relationship and enjoy your time together.Some of the dates are romantic, some inspiring, and some challenging (like rock climbing and hot air ballooning). Widely varied in character: from volunteering for a worthy cause to having fun while spending time together and getting to know each other.

  11. Group Dating: 301 Ideas
    Aurthor: Blair Tolman, Tristan Tolman
    Publisher: Legacy Book Publishing, Incorporated
    Pub. Date: October 1999
    ISBN-13: 9780965583558
    Double dates, triple dates, and parties for groups of people including teenagers and adults. Ideas for school and church activities, family reunions, and get togethers with friends. Blair and Tristan Tolman are involved in the lives of young people in church and community organizations.

  12. Creative Dates for Latter-Day Saints
    Aurthor: Lindsey Shumway
    Publisher: Cedar Fort, Incorporated/C F I Distribution
    Pub. Date: August 2006
    ISBN-13: 9781555179335
    Inventive invitations, games, and funny pickup lines. Can be used by teenagers, adults, and married couples. Ideas for dates in categories that include: artistic, intellectual, foreign, outdoor, volunteering, and group dates. Each date has an idea for those who want to give the date an extraordinary character.

  13. Coffee Dates for Couples
    Aurthor: FamilyLife Publishing
    Publisher: FamilyLife AR
    Pub. Date: July 2006
    ISBN-13: 9781572298941
    Conversation starters for dates at coffee househouses and creating a coffee house atmosphere at home or anywhere.

  14. How to Date Your Spouse: A Couple's Guide to Falling and Staying in Love
    Aurthor: Lindsey K. Rietzch
    Publisher: Spring Creek Book Company
    Pub. Date: May 2008
    ISBN-13: 9781932898880
    Humor and 50 creative date ideas, marriage improvement, and how to stay in love.
    Table of Contents
    The myth     1
    Date your spouse?     5
    To be or not to be prepared!     11
    Get ready, get set     17
    The car ride     23
    Old-fashioned (the new fashion)     27
    What's the occasion?     35
    Mystery isn't history!     39
    How to earn interest!     43
    Icing on the cake     51
    Butter what?     55
    Congratulations!     59
    50 + best dates ever!     61
    Date Categories
    Bold, Risky & Adventurous     63
    Dates for Budgeters     65
    Bonding & Connecting     68
    Celebrity Style     71
    Unwinding and De-stressing     76
    Unusual Yet Fun     78
    3 E's (Experiment, Explore, Educate)     84
    For the Romantics     88
    Themed Dates     91
    For Staying Home     98
    When You Don't Have a Babysitter     104 

  15. Date Ideas: Fun Things To Do For Couples, eBook
    Aurthor: Alan Detwiler
    Publisher: Slickditty
    Pub. Date: 
    100 things to do on a date, many of which are out of the ordinary. Most are simple, inexpensive activities to get to know each other. Where to meet people, how to ask someone to go on a date, and how to make dating and relationships more enjoyable.

Have fun, pursue playfulness and a sense of wonder

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