Kitchen Tools For Garden Food.
Where To Get Them Online.

-- by Alan Detwiler

Below are descriptions of eight or so kitchen tools. I have used 2 of the exact items listed, the coffee grinder and the coffee press. Both seem well worth purchasing for how I use them - grinding various types of flours and powders and leaching out the bitterness from powdered vegetables such as collards, chard, and dandelion. I have not used the particular models specified of the other kitchen tools listed. Included are blenders and food processors, scales, garlic presses, and timers. They were chosen for inclusion here based on their descriptions listed on websites where they can be purchased. Those descriptions were used to choose products that have the best combination of price and features for preparing single servings of fresh and dried vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and grain.

I have only used four of the exact items listed below. Tools are chosen largely based on their availability at and I have tried to choose tools that will best aid in preparing and preserving produce of a garden or purchased whole foods, foods that will nourish and nurture good health. Price and specifications given in the retailer's product descriptions are considered. I get 4% of the sales at Walmart and Amazon when someone makes a purchase by clicking on the link provided with a product below. I don't recieve anything on purchases from the sources other than Amazon and Walmart.

Many of the tools listed below are not commonly available at local stores. Some of the recipes at this website are most easily and best prepared with these tools. Food processors especially aid in producing foods with smooth textures and well mixed flavors. In some cases processing to a smooth texture accentuates flavors. I would guess that finely pureed food is more easily and thoroughly digested. Pureed food stores in a freezer taking less space and dries more quickly when dried in a food dehydrator. Tough food does not require excessive chewing. After pureeing a food, food particles do not stick uncomfortably in the spaces between teeth.

I process most of the food I eat, mostly in the hope that it is more thoroughly digested and more nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine. In the case of some foods, in takes some getting used to the texture of a puree instead of, for instance, the crunch of salads. But gradually I have become accustomed and now typically prefer the smoothness of a sauce, a puree, or a mash. I still welcome some chewy foods such as raw sunflower seeds and raw rolled oats mixed in with sweetened strawberry puree. The sensual input of biting down on the seeds and oats somehow seems to repeatedly renew awareness of the strawberry flavor and serves to increase the pleasure of all the nuances of the strawberries' flavor.

This page is in three sections:
Kitchen tools available at
Kitchen tools at
Kitchen tools available from other sources

Kitchen tools available through

  • Oster 4937 Mini Jar Accessory 1 cup container with storage lid. Break resistant container. For blending small quantities. Fits all Osterizer blenders, excluding the Oster In2itive. $9 plus about $5.50 shipping.

  • Oster 10-Speed Blender– White 450-watt motor. 10 speeds. 6-cup plastic jar. All-metal drive system. Stainless steel blades. $26 plus $8 shipping.

  • Hamilton Beach Personal Blender with Travel Lid - 51101
    14 ounce cup, 175 watt motor.
    2 jar $25
    1 jar $15
    Plus shipping.

  • Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender - Model BL204, 400 watt motor, functional capacity of about 32 ounces. Includes a single serving processor jar with about a 12 ounce capacity. Has enough power to process without overheating. I've had one for 2 years and used it a couple of times per day. I rank it in the top two processors I've ever owned (the other one was an Oster model that is no longer manufactured). Shipped by Amazon $103

  • Champion Household Juicer 2000 PLUS G5-NG-853S, ASIN: B000E48LOY shipping weight 35 pounds 1/3 horse power 540 watt motor, stainless steel motor shaft, front and rear ball bearings for long life, probably runs at 1750 rpm, 10 year limited warranty, one year warranty on cutter and screens. Parts are FDA nylon and stainless steel. Blades are made of tempered stainless steel. With heavy use the cutters need replacement every 18-24 months. Cutting blades are $33. Makes purees, salsa, muesli, can make baby food from cooked vegetables, will grind uncooked coconut meat, will make nut butter if oil is added. Will not grind dry grain. Processing only greens with nothing else to help them through will not work. Greens can be alternated with firm produce like carrots, celery, radishes, apples, etc. to push the greens through. The fine fibrous material in greens such as collards, kale, parsley clogs the armature. Take out the armature and clean.

    Works well for making a mash out of cooked greens such as kale. Very fibrous greens such as the outer leafs of chinese cabbage clog the machine. Makes a very fine slaw from raw sweet potatoes, carrots, and squash. Does not work for making smooth sunflower seed butter.

    Ships from and sold by RawReform. Manufactured by by Plastaket Manufacturing Co., Inc 6220 E. Highway 12, Lodi, California 95240 Guaranties replacement parts for juicers of up to 25 years of age. $260.00 A tomato screen with 36 holes to a row for making tomato juice can be purchased for $12.25 A commercial model (G5-PG-710) is available for about $30 dollars more.

    Also available from: $209 plus $45 shipping (209)369-4638, fax 369-7455

  • Weston 82-0102-W Electric Meat Grinder with Tomato Strainer Kit
    ASIN: B001V5JA8G, item model number: 820102W.
    Grinds fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.
    For grinding meat as well as vegetables to a fine, medium or coarse grind.
    Comes with meat grinder attachment, stainless grinder knife, stainless grinder plates (3, 5 & 7mm), # 5 meat grinder head, (?might be 2 1/8 inch?), forward and reverse, 200watt motor, sausage stuffing funnel, tomato strainer attachment.
    Dimensions & weight: 10.2"W x 13.2"L x 12.6"H, 19 lbs.
    Full one year manufacturer's warranty.
    Spare grinder plate #5: $9.99, stainless knife #5: $9.99.
    Optional slicer-shredder accessory kit: Installs with the spin of a knob and includes... fine shredder for cheese, garlic & nuts; coarse shredder for potatoes, cheese & vegetables; slicer for cheese, vegetables & fruits; $29.
    If you need to do large quantities of meat, a larger grinder would be appropriate such as STX MEGAFORCE 3000 or STX TURBOFORCE 3000
    Weston 82-0102-W Grinder ships from and sold by
    Also available from

    The machine sent to me had a defect in the strainer screen. The screen has a lap joint running the lenghth of the screen. The inner edge of the joint will slice off chips of plastic from the auger if the auger is rotating in one particular direction. Which direction of rotation is problematic depends on which edge of the lap joint is innermost. The screen that came with my machine would effectively not allow forward rotation, that is the direction of rotation that the machine needs to operate in order to function in the straining mode. I called the manufacturer's customer service and a new screen arrived in two days. I will not operate the machine in the reverse direction while in strainer mode to avoid plastic chips in the food and to avoid damaging the auger.

  • Polder 526-41 Sixty Minute Cooki's Timer, Yellow
    Wall mount magent on back for mounting on oven or refrigerator.
    One minute increments allow for precise timing. 36" carrying strap allows you to wear it around your neck. $10.00 Free shipping on orders over $35.

  • Taylor Precision 5806 Digital Timer 0.7" LCD readout. Minute/second timing. Times up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Counts up or down. Water-resistant. Clip/magnet/stand positioning. Uses 1 "AAA" battery (included). 1 year limited warranty. $6 Free shipping on orders over $35.

  • OXO Good Grips Triple Timer Uses AAA batteries, Time is entered by typing the numbers as in typing 1-3-0-0-0 to set 1hr, 30mins instead of pressing an hour or minute button over and over to get to the correct value, medium loudness buzzer, high pitched, audible from 2 rooms away, can time three pots at once, 19.99 plus $5.75 shipping by Amazon, free shipping on orders of $35.

  • West Bend Digital Timer, White Model no. 40005X, 1 AAA battery, 10 buttons for digit input so you do not have to hold down a button until it ticks up to the intended time, can be set to up to 99 hours, $14 plus 5.75 shipping from Amazon, free shipping on orders over $35.

  • MIU Stainless-Steel Garlic Press 2 settings (coarse and smooth). 18/10 stainless steel; doesn’t impart metallic flavor. Integrated cleaning mechanism. Dishwasher-safe. Covered by lifetime warranty. By MIU France. $20 plus $5.50 shipping, free shipping on orders over $35.

  • Typhoon Slim Scale White 1/2 ounce increments to 10 ounces. Measuring bowl which fits over the scales for easy storage. ASIN: B000HKNFP0. $14 plus $5.50 shipping, free shipping on orders over $35.

  • Polder 77-90 Diet Utility Scale, White 18 ounce capacity, dial reads in both ounces and grams, 10 gram increments. Calibration adjustment. $6 plus $6 shipping, free shipping on orders over $35.

  • Salter 021WHDR6 16-Ounce Food Scale with Storage Container and Lid, White Mechanical scale with easy-to-read dial. 10 year warranty. 1/4 ounce increments. 16-ounce (500 g) capacity. Dual-purpose weighing container is dishwasher-safe. Scale stores inside container and seals with snap-on lid. $6.21 plus $5.50 shipping, free shipping on orders over $35.

  • LEM Kitchen Scale model KT-1205 weighs up to 5 pounds, scale in English and metric $14 plus $6 shipping, free shipping on orders over $35.

  • Ulu W/ Birch Handle ASIN: B007ED0Z24 Light birch handle. Good for cutting greens such as kale, cabbage leafs, and Swiss chard. Much easier on the wrist than other knife. A ulu allows force to be applied by downward force by the wrist. Long blade knives require more torque on the wrist because the knife blade is not under the wrist. The ulu is not suited well for large and thick items such as melons and apples. Ships from and sold by Alaskan Connection $13.74 plus $5 shipping

  • Ulu PLAIN HANDLE knife ASIN: B00023RR7E Plain handle Ships from and sold by Alaskan Connection $13 plus $5 shipping

  • Inupiat Birch Alaska Cutlery ulu Knife Plain Handle ASIN: B0061CMO2I Plain handle Ships from and sold by Alaskan Connection $14 plus $5 shipping

  • Alaskan Ulu Etched Bear Wood Handle Knife & Display Stand ASIN: B004W6C0CO Dark handle with etched bear figure. Ships from and sold by AlaskaCC. $13 plus $5 shipping

  • New Inupiat Plain Handle Walnut Ulu Knife ASIN: B0082XHXDO Dark walnut wood handle. Ships from and sold by Alaskan Connection $13.50 plus $5 shipping

  • Black & Decker Food Processor, 8-Cup
    ASIN: B008Q3P5TO
    Item model number: FP1700B
    non-skid feet, safety interlock system
    Continuous flow chute with pusher
    Reversible, stainless steel slice and shredder disk
    Safety interlock system
    Stainless steel chopping blade
    $50 including shipping

  • Ninja Kitchen System Pulse blender/processor(BL204)
    ASIN: B005GYRXA0
    Item model number: BL204
    700 Watts of Professional Power
    Frozen blending
    Food processing
    40 ounce bowl: Bowl is BPA fFree
    Single Serve Cups (2x): BPA free with travel lids
    Dough hook and dough paddle
    Knead cookie and pizza dough
    Single Serve Blending for drinks on the go

  • Samson 6 in 1 Electric Juicer / Food Processor can extract juices from carrots, celery, parsley, spinach, wheatgrass, apple, orange, kale, cucumber, ginger, sprouts, and many other leafy greens. Fruit Juicer/Mincer/Chopper for fruit, vegetables, wheatgrass, nut butter, meat grinding, pasta making, juicing/grinding wheat grass & barley grass. Single Auger. 10 Year Warranty. B000E7OYR4. $230 including shipping.

  • Currently unavailable Sunbeam / Oster 004846-003-000 Food Processor Attachment Process single servings.
    Fits almost all Oster blenders (probably excluding the Oster In2itive). 1 cup capacity. $20 plus $8 shipping. Shipped by Brand Variety. Shipping weight is 4 pounds.

  • ASIN B0002568UE
    Penn Plax Floating Aquarium Thermometer
    model number: TF
    Measuring 3.12"L x .75"W x 7.37"H
    Good for checking the temperature when making tempeh or sprouting seeds.

Kitchen tools available through

  • Oster 8-Speed Blender
    SKU 0003426445930
    6-cup dishwasher-safe Boroclass plastic jar
    450 watts of power
    stainless steel blade
    1-year limited warranty
    Dimensions: 10.3"L x 7.15"W x 12.8"H
    6 cup.
    450 watt motor.
    Wal-Mart No.: 001573211.
    Model No.: BLSTMP-BL0-015
    Walmart No.: 551399705
    Blue plastic base, $20 plus shipping, free shipping on orders over $50.
    If you are going for a smooth consistency food, blenders typically work well for foods that are 80 percent or more water. Foods with less water tend to not flow while blending. You can add water to get flow if a sauce consistency product is acceptable. Food processors tend to work with food that is 60 percent or more water. Cooking the food to soften it before processing is sometimes helpful.

  • Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender with 2 Jars & 2 Lids
    Model No.: 51102 Product in Inches (L x W x H): 0.7 x 4.2 x 7.7 Walmart No.: 550416072 Fits in most car drink holders.
    Stainless steel blades.
    Model# 51101B.
    Wal-Mart No.: 001568444.
    $25, free shipping on order over $50.
    If used every day a blender jar will typically last about 6 months, give or take. That is why getting two jars is worthwhile.

  • Ninja Single Serve System Pulse Blender
    600 wat motor
    2 single-serve cups (16 oz)
    Works with frozen food
    2 single serve lids
    Dishwasher safe jar, lids, cups
    8.6"W x 8.5"D x 11"H
    Model# BL100
    Walmart No.: 551576007

  • Taylor Dual-Event Digital Timer
    Times up to 2 events at a time
    Times for up to 23 hours
    Also tells time
    Counts up or down
    Limited 1-year warranty
    Requires 1 AAA battery (not included)
    Model No.: TAP58729
    Product in Inches (L x W x H): 7.5 x 5.25 x 1.4
    Walmart No.: 552248703
    $10, free shipping on order over $50

  • (out of stock on March 2014)
    Black & Decker Coffee Bean Grinder Coarse or a fine grind. $14 plus shipping. Model# CBG100W. Wal-Mart No.: 001574485.

Kitchen tools available from other sources

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender with Travel Lid - 51101
14 ounce cup, 175 watt motor
Available at Amazon and Target

Deni Black Blend-n-Grind - 4201
20 ounces
blends and grinds coffee, nuts
available at
$25 Betty Crocker Mini Personal Blender
15 oz jar, 200 watt motor

Oster 6848-000-950 Blend-N-Go Cup
16 ounce $15
Oster 4937 Mini Jar Accessory
8 ounces $7

Sunbeam / Oster 004846-003-000 Food Processor Attachment
$20 1 cup

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